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I am going to be at the Nar convention as a first time exhibitor. Oh boy are the costs for this thing mounting up fast. I realized that I would be spending a good amount of money doing this but I didn't expect to be taken like I am. To get electrical service they require a minimum number of hours...
Last year when I joined the RE/MAX office I'm currently with, there were about sixty agents in the office. Now there are probably a little more than half that number. In a poor way to disguise this, the powers that be decided to move everyone around so there are more people in single offices and ...
What do people think about these accelerated mortgage payment programs that promise paying off your 30 year mortgage in as little as 6-7 years?I was talking with one of my brokers yesterday and he mentioned to me that I should try to sell this new "program." The program ended up being a sales pit...
Hi All,Some of you may know that I have a website that I'll be showcasing at this year's NAR convention in Las Vegas. I'm very excited about it and my website (www.amreds.com). For those that have been to the NAR convention before, can you give me a little insight as to what I can expect?I went t...
Don't you hate it when your brokers call mandatory meetings every month only to have them give you a rah-rah peep talk about how the market is what it should be and that we (agents) just need to get back to basics and then magically everything will be okay.I understand that they are trying to be ...
Recently here in Bakersfield, CA there has been some unfortunate news for local real estate agents. A relatively new company came into town about two years ago with lots of bling bling--one of the brokers or maybe both drove around in fancy cars with bodyguards, yes bodyguards, and flew around in...
With the market the way it is, real estate agents need all the help that they can get. I am part of a new real estate web site that recently launched designed for real estate professionals. Unlike consumer oriented websites which really don't offer any real help to real estate agents, www.amreds....

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