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In all my years of being a licensed Real Estate Agent and Broker, I have never had more stressful transactions than those with "Bully" agents.  These agents know it all!  Recently, an agent talked my seller into not accepting his buyers' offer. This is how that happened:I had a listing priced at ...
My buyer lost a multiple offer bid today because he is eligible for a VA loan. The listing agent/owner told me when I asked why he didn’t win, “The AV loan (yes, that’s what he said) is going to be difficult so we chose a Conventional loan”. I asked if the offer, itself, was competitive. He respo...
I received a call to go look at a home in the Burton Hills area of Nashville on Saturday morning at 9:30 (high dollar area).  The prospect told me that it was a divorce situation and he was aware that I would come out with the intention of listing the home.  He asked if I could come at 11:00 and ...
I've always been a busy agent...always on the cusp of needing help but then I always end up feeling like what needs to be done is so engrained in me that teaching someone else what to do would just take more time.  I make myself available to my clients when they need me.  I work nights, weekends....
I've been speaking with new agents lately and I realized that even the most basic information can help with working with buyers and time management. I've met with buyers over the years who have proclaimed that they "know they're okay" when I asked if they've been pre-approved.  If you're an exper...
In the Beginning…The Multiple Listing Service was established for Brokers and Agents to communicate listings and publish a "unilateral offer of compensation" by a listing broker to other cooperating broker participants in their MLS.  Being a member of an Association of Realtors® was and still is ...
I just want to remind you that cheap is not better.  Not usually and probably never.  Professional, experienced, licensed and insured should be the first and foremost reasons to hire a contractor.  If you hire an unlicensed, uninsured person to work on your home and they damage something else and...
I've come across many types of buyers in my 15 years as an agent but these buyers are wearing me down; what's worse is that these are very lovely and loyal people.   I sold this family a home two years ago.  They were relocating to Nashville and had to purchase a home by a specific time.  They sp...
Historic areas of Nashville (East Nashville, 12th South, Germantown, Belmont and Hillsboro Village, to name a few) are so hot these days!  Local restaurants, bars,  minor shopping and consistently available rehabbed or reconstructed homes are relatively new in some Nashville neighborhoods and I’m...
  There are thousands of available homes for sale: retail homes, bank forclosures and “short sales” (the lender is willing to accept less than the amount the seller owes).  It seems like short sale properties would be the answer for the many owner-occupant buyers who are looking for a home at a g...

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