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The only way to know when the market has turned is after it's started going up it so buying at the bottom of the market is possible...but only by accident.  There's no way for anyone to predict exactly when the bottom will hit. It seems that the market has picked up in Middle Tennessee within the...
This is a tool for the public to use to justify or check on home values for those who are using it for curiosity's sake. It's fine but it is not viable information to use for market value for selling or buying and this is why: When I, as a licensed Real Estate Professional, prepare a market analy...
Developers in Nashville, TN are suing 3 buyers who did not close on condos they contracted on spec a few years ago.  I noticed a post by a buyers' agent asking why we even have earnest money and that the forfeiture of earnest money should satisfy a breach of contract by the buyer.  This was my re...
This is not isolated to Tennessee.  It could be happening all over. FRAUD ALERT RE Tennessee Association of Realtors(r): Craigslist by Tennessee Association of Realtor(r)s. Within the past seven days, we’ve received notices of two different, but similar, instances of attempted fraud using Tenness...
Rep. Linda Sanchez introduced the Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act last month. The legislation is named after Megan Meier who killed herself in 2006 after becoming the victim of a MySpace hoax created by the mother of a classmate and former friend.  `Sec. 881. Cyberbullying (a) Whoever transmit...
I just closed a transaction for a buyer.  While we were under contract, the seller received two other offers, both for full price while my buyer was under contract for a good amount less.  Their fingers were crossed that my buyer's loan would fall through...but it didn't. Last week, in my office ...
Open House on 811 Lawrence St was rained out today.  We'll be doing it next Sunday.  By the way, this house is awesome; it's listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, along with some other homes in the "Village" and other Nashville Real Estate.  Here's some very interesting information ...
There is so much to do for the art afficionado in Nashville, TN, otherwise known as "Athens of the South".  The Frist Museum shows famous collections such as Georgia O'Keefe and the Masters of Watercolor, features Jazz in the lobby and live bands the first Friday of each month.  The Cheekwood Bot...
Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was the first sunny day in about 5 days so I quickly ran out to take photos of my Lakeridge Run listing in Nashville and got some good ones now that the seller took down the wallpaper in the kitchen and painted it a pretty, sunny yellow color that reflects the n...
Well, here we are in a down market in Middle TN.  It's the first one I've seen in my 15+ years of residency. The fact that our region never saw through-the-roof prices is what has saved us from plummeting to the depths that other areas of the U.S. are experiencing. Home values have come down perh...

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