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Bump Drafting   This is a fitting topic as NASCAR heads to Talladega this weekend. The circuits largest and fastest track where drafting is a necessity. We have talked about drafting in previous blogs...where two cars run faster together than one car by itself. Bump drafting is when the car trail...
Adjustments   During the course of a race, a racing team will make many adjustments to the car to improve its handling and increase its speed.  These are done during the pit stops and can dramatically improve the results of the race, if the team makes the right adjustments at the right time.  Wat...
My story (cont.) I learned what I thought was a lot about right and wrong when I was a child. I thought I also learned a lot of good lessons. We were very polite children for the most part. We were what I considered a religious family. We went to church every Sunday. My mother ended up later in l...
Mark Martin   I was not planning on this being the topic today, but as we follow our racing theme in the Fast Lane to Success blog, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the history that took place on a race track in Phoenix, Arizona Saturday night. For only the fourth time in NASCAR history a ma...
Why do I compare life to racing?  Why do I use racing metaphors in my writing?  I believe my affinity for racing comes from trying to control something that is uncontrollable.  All my life I have tried to stay in the fast lane.  Racing has always seemed a good fit for me.  It's high speed excitem...
Today we are going to do something a little different than usual. On Tuesdays we are going to do a blog that gives you a little insight into me, the author. There will be stories about my background, about my struggles and my successes. Hopefully this will empower you to know that no matter what ...
Jeff Gordon has a spotter. Do you?                                     Every NASCAR driver who gets on a track of a Sunday has a spotter. You usually do not see them because they are perched high above the track on top of the luxury boxes or press boxes for a view of the whole track. What is a sp...
Have you ever ridden with someone who thinks the accelerator is an on/off pedal? You know what I'm talking about. He hits the gas and your head flies back into the seat.  Then he lets off, and your head flies forward. This continues during the entire ride, and you're lucky you don't have a mild c...
On super speedways, racers use the technique of drafting to increase their speed. Drafting is when one car tucks in behind another car, lessening the effect of drag from the air. Basically two or more cars running in a line can go faster than one car by itself. Resistance from the air is drastica...
This topic is fitting because my favorite racing series, NASCAR, just finished racing in Martinsville, VA a couple weekends ago. This track is ideal for applying this principle, Slow down to speed up. The reason for this is that if you overdrive the car, you will not get the most traction and can...

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