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How does your city/town rate for -- walkability???> There is a great new service out there that tells you and all your possible vistors /buyers -- how "WAlk Able" your city or town is!!   This is a great site -- you can enter your zip code -- or seller address and see how it rates.  I checked min...
Well it is official!!  Disney will be shooting their new  movie w/ Miley Cyrus ( daughter of Billy Ray)  "The Last Song" in Savannah, Ga.  --shooting is scheduled to start in June -- but have already met with some of the production people who are in town and looking for places for short term rent...
Here in savannah we are on a count down ----as i type in the am--3/15--we are only --2 days away from the 135th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.  The town is already streaming with vistors all decked in assorted colors of green and a variety of interesting green outfits!  The Fountain in Forysth ...
   Thinking of getting away??  Need a get away? Then,  Join us in savannah for our 74th annual Historic Tour of homes, sponsored by the Historic Savannah Foundation and the Women of Christ Church.---Event Date--3/26-29. So you don't miss out, their website is   Where ...
Read an interesting commentary today in the March  09 issue of Esquire "The Best of Times" by David Granger. In his short column--he was saying if you were among the "93% with a job these are dam good times".  His points--gas is under two bucks, you can buy a new car at half off w/0%, or a new ho...
greetings--Cyclists, Tour fans--there will not be a tour de georgia--09. The Tour makers have decided --given the economic situation --and some problems with the 08 tour  they are postpoing 09 and regrouping for 2010.   It is a dissapointment for many--given that the tour started on Tybee Island ...
Have you ever experienced Christmas in Savannah?? If not you are missing a visual treat!! Imagine,-- lighted ,decorated squares--1.2miles of them in the historic district. Downtown, Broughton street with all there lights,free parking , stores and sales that you can't imagine. But don't just stay ...
  I am still marketing this property--given the inquiries here is where you can go to see all the property details: History is still Alive-- As a real estate agent you never know who will call and what property you might get to market.  Just recently, I was called to mar...
Well the Savannah, Chatham County, Ga.  community just completed Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society on May 9th.   For those of you that participate in your community  I would welcome some ideas on what you are doing and some fundraising ideas for 09.   The overall theme this year was ...
If you have never been on Tybee Island at the start of the summer season then you are missing all the fun.  This coming weekend marks the Opening of the summer season-with the Beach Bum Parade-scheduled for Friday May 16th starting at 6:30 pm.  But be warned, this is not your usually parade. Wear...

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