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Hello my name is Andrew, I am an owner of a mortgage company in Wisconsin. I look forward to working with other professionals in the very near future.
How many times a day do you ask yourself this?  If you don't, maybe you should start.  Out industry is getting more and more challenging everyday, which I believe is a GREAT thing.  Not only do you need to stand out, but you need to be a leader in what you do.  It is always a great thing to see w...
Hello once again AR.  I am really seeing how much credit scores are playing even more of a roll today then yesterday.  I had a client that I had gotton approved 37 days ago, when he finally found his house I re-ran his file, well what a surprise it didn't work, his score had dropped 15 points.  W...
Bi-Weekly Mortgage Did You Know? Making one extra mortgage payment a year will knock years off your mortgage and save you thousands of dollars. Click here to learn more. If you search for "bi-weekly mortgage" with an Internet search engine, you will be overwhelmed by the number of companies offer...
Hello fellow AR members!!!  I have notices that a lot of the groups are geared towards Real Estate Agents, which of course I understand as this is a Real Estate Network.  Well I did create a group called "Loans" which I am hoping that other L.O. will join, help eachother out with ideas, tips and ...
Hello once again AR.  I wanted to let you know about a situation one of my employees had.  He had done a refi on a property and a purchase of a new O/O for the same family.  Well come to find out the client didn't make his mortgage payment on his old property which funded the last day of the mont...
I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers on AR.  I know that mothers are very hard working and all of us children owe our mothers a great deal, so thank you to all of you.  Enjoy this wonderful day where it is all about you!!!!!Happy Mothers Day!!!From all at ASAP Mortgage
Hello AR!! I just talked to a client a few days ago, she was suppose to close on her new house June 4th.  Yes I did say was suppose to, last week the broker that she had been working for for the past 50 days told her that she all of a sudden didn't qualify to buy the house.  Her realtor has an ap...
Hello AR friends.  How many of you have had issues with others, whether they use to work with you or they were working with others that you work with?  I have to say that there are some people that consider themselves professionals and then they stab others or forget to tell others the whole trut...
Hello AR Can you help me, I am wanting to see if I can get 50 comments in the next 24hrs.  I would really like your help, thank you to all in advance for helping me with this.  Everyone here at AR has been a great big help, thanks again.  I have never had 50 comments on any of my blogs and would ...
Hello AR, what a great day it was here in Wisconsin.  I'm not sure how everyone else is, but here in Wisconsin things are getting a little tougher.  I have to say that I do see a lot of good things are coming out of that, it will get rid of a lot of people in this industry won't be in here.  I ca...

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Hello my name is Andrew, I am an owner of a mortgage company in Wisconsin. I look forward to working with other professionals in the very near future.