The fireworks in Bellingham, Washington are over Bellingham Bay. There are lots of places to watch the  show!! Some watch it from there Squalicum Harbor, Downtown, but I would have to say the best place to watch them is from Boulevard Park (if your not lucky enough to be able to see them from...
Are you ready to take your grilling to the next level? How about Dessert's? Sounds crazy I know, I know. I thought the same thing when I first heard it. But this is something you HAVE to try!! My favorite grilled dessert recipe would have to be.... BANANA SPLIT KABOBS!! Ingredients 3 bananas, sli...
I think one of the most important things in our business is to let everyone and anyone know what you do and where you do it. Also to ask for referrals, so if you or have clients who are looking to buy or sell in Bellingham, Washington or anywhere in Whatcom County. I would be more than happy to h...
MMMMM.....MMMMMMM!!! Doesn't that look good!! That's some of my work right there. Now that it's summer I will be grilling my dinner for the next 3-4 months!! But, I love grilling so much I do it all year round. I don't care if it's snowing if I have steak I'll be outside grilling!! If you don't ...
Finally it's summer time again. I just hope that means it will stop raining soon!!! I live in Bellingham, Washington....If your from the area you know what I'm talking about. It does rain a lot but once summer rolls around it makes it all worth it. Everything is green, green, GREEN!!! Also there ...
BOSTON CELTICS 17TH CHAMPIONSHIP!!! That's right the Boston Celtics are the NBA Champions!!! I was wrong! Just about everyone on AR said that Boston was going to win it, and all of you where right. Kobe and the Lakers couldn't get anything going. This game was a blow out!! Not a whole lot you can...
I'm sure all you sports fans already know the finals are set Lakers V.S. Celtics!!! What I want to know is who is going to win? Let me know what you think. I want to know who you think is going to win and in how many games. If you think you know your basketball lets hear it!!   My prediction: O.K...
I'm starting to think gas prices are never going to stop rising. I went to fill up yesterday and to fill up my car it was over 40 bucks!! Lucky for me I have a little car, I feel bad for everyone driving big trucks, not to mention diesel which is over $5.00 now!! I live in Bellingham, Washington,...
Yeah thats right 72 Million!!! I'm sure a lot of people would do almost anything for this kind of money. Well the NFL is throwing money around at their players like there is no tommorow. Even their rookies!! Matt Ryan (QB), the 3rd pick overall this year for the Atlatanta Falcons. Ryan has not ta...
I'm a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan for life!!! I have loved the Cowboys since I was old enough to walk. My all time favorite player for the Dallas Cowboys would have to be Emmitt Smith. All though there have been a lot of great players to go through Dallas, Emmitt has always been my favorite!! I l...

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