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I'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Central Florida Real Estate and share success ideas.
IT'S RAINING! Yayyy! Here in Sanford we've been pretty dry, and my lawn and my plants are REALLY suffering (by the way...I drove by some of your listings, they look pretty bad too!). Florida NEEDS this rain for many reasons, get our water table back up, put out the fires (and prevent future ones)...
FHA Purchase Updates I'm going to bullet out the hight points that I believe you will be most interested in right now.  2006 saw a lot of changes to FHA guidelines, so if you haven't done one in a's a refresher: 3% downpayment.  Can come from savings, gift from a parent, employer or ...
Lessons from the 134th Derby.There were a couple of lessons in the bitter-sweet 134th running of the Kentucky Derby.  I don't know if you watched it or not...but Tim and I did.  You may not know it, but I actually come from a "horsey" family, in fact one of my horses as a kid was a direct descend...
The #1 secret rule of negotiating...ASK! "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" You may have heard this quote before, it's been attributed to hockey great Wayne Gretzky, and also to his father saying it to Wayne. But what does it mean?  I'm not a hockey follower, but I can figure out that i...
Have you ever worked on a deal and then in the middle found out it's in a flood zone and requires insurance?  Or maybe the maps have been changed in your area by FEMA and now you need it.  Here's some tips:First, make sure it really is.  Flood determination shows up in 3 different places on a tra...
I just read an article about low ball offers and how to deal with them.  I've often said, don't get upset by lowball offers, it's not a personal attack on you or the seller, it's just what the buyer feels they can pay.  Read the article and see what YOU think!  Click on this link: http://www.scri...
Today I'm going to discuss how your attitude determines your success, this takes shape in many different ways, but today we're going to cover one of the more critical ones: Self Talk:  If a five year old child heard every day "you're stupid, you're worthless, you're never going to amount to anyt...
As I travel across Florida meeting real estate professionals, the biggest thing that I hear right now is that many of you are facing the same challenges:Attracting buyersGetting them to commitGetting them approved for financingHelping your seller "get real" on the marketand many other issuesI've ...
Today I'm going to talk about something very key, whether you are listing properties, refinancing people, or buying houses... Don't make their problem your problem! Did you get that?  What I mean is don't buy into their "story" and end up taking on a "project" client.  When I owned my mortgage c...
What Image is your Email Address Sending?   bobsdad @ ... realestateguy72 @ ... sexychick @  What message are you sending every day as you email potential clients, hand out business cards, and pay good money for advertising?  Everyone knows that they are free email s...

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