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I'll keep you up to date on the latest happenings in Central Florida Real Estate and share success ideas.
What's the *#&@%$ Problem with BPO's? Seriously? Sometimes I wonder if the people doing BPO's even know how to work the MLS!!! (well, a lot of them don't, but we'll talk about that in a second!)   Let's start by going over why the BPO is so critical in your short sale deal, and I don't care wheth...
I got this question emailed to me yesterday from one of my readers and I thought it would be a good one to share! Question? Andy: I was recently at a short sale seminar, I believe the one you had and one of the attorney's mentioned: "never let the seller stay in the property after the closing"......
I was on the phone with a mitigator at Countrywide, discussing 2 of the listings I have that they are the lender on.  I was trying to be sly and find out what the BPO had come in at (they wouldn't tell me, so I was trying to ask different hi/low questions to get a hint.) and get a guage on how ac...
Have you heard of Twitter?  It's a "microblog" where you can post 140 word "Tweets" about what you're doing. Whether you're ready to use it in your business or not, it can't hurt to go reserve your name.  Think about domain names (the .com) 10 years ago...nobody had their own name, but now, if yo...
What Advice Would You Give… I’ve been asked to speak at a conference next week for about 100 college juniors and seniors that hold leadership roles in their sorority. They’ve asked me to speak about what they can do to succeed in today’s tough job market besides just getting their degree. I’ve re...
More Market Updates...some good, some not so good! I'm sure by now you've realized that the market changes on a daily basis. Since my husband is in the mortgage industry, I get to hear about many of these things before the "general" real estate public, so I want to share with you when I hear thin...
5 Crazy Things That May Be Making Your House "Un-Buyable" In my recent adventures working with several buyers looking for homes, I have seen a few things that have been a little offensive, disturbing (to both me and my buyers) and even a little scary! Whether you are a listing agent or a seller, ...
This past Sunday, my husband Tim had a guided Redfishing charter all set up to go with his buddy, David, over in Mosquito Lagoon in Volusia County. On Friday, David started hinting that he may back out. Saturday at about 8pm he backed out, with some lame excuses like: - I talked to some other peo...
Tonight at 7pm the City of Sanford will hold a first reading and initial vote for a whole slew of new ordinances that will affect ALL property owners in Sanford AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IN FLORIDA! What we've seen in the past is that when one city passes things like this, other cities just follow (lik...
You're not going to believe this, but last night I SLIPPED ON THE ICE coming in my garage door!!! Yes!  In FLORIDA!  I'm not hurt, but I just layed there on the ground for a minute to let it sink in what had just happened!   There's another unbelievable thing I need to share with you... Fannie Ma...

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