Struggling to manage your budget or keep track of potential leads? Why not use printables to help you stay organized? Using printable planners is so helpful since you actually take the time to write down every detail that needs to be done. That in itself is a huge gamechanger. By taking note of a...
A mindset is like a lens through which we see the world. These are composed of perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs that inform your decisions and thoughts. If you want to earn money and gain financial freedom, you need to develop a good mindset. This will encourage you to achieve greater things a...
One of the things that always happens to me is that I get Realtors and even other professionals that want to hire out marketing services.  Yet they get sticker shock when they hear what it costs to have someone help you.So I wrote some quick ideas on how to make extra money so that you can add th...
I am excited to have found Active Rain.  I can share my thoughts on here.I help Realtors in Las Vegas, NV with their Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation.I have been in Digital Marketing now 18 years.My husband builds custom homes for Blue Heron - he loves working there.  We have 3 boys 21,...

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