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Anna "Banana" Kruchten is here to help you navigate buying or selling a home in the Phoenix Metro Area. My blog is updated almost daily so be sure to FOLLOW ME and keep in the know of what's going on in the Phoenix Real Estate Market. On my blog you'll find Real Estate Information, Market Statistics, Neighborhood Information, School Updates, Upcoming Workshops, Information about Local Business Partners and occasionally posts just for fun!
  Back in my Chamber of Commerce days of networking it was important to have an 'elevator speech'.  I had a lot of fun creating new ones that got a lot of attention and laughs.  That meant they were listening to me. And of course creating relationships and bringing in business was the point of al...
 Do you recall my last rat post - 8 Pound Rats Roaming the Neighborhood?  That post had nothing to do with Behavior Modification with Rats - nothing! It sure did bring some laughs and smiles, especially to my neighbors! Good stuff! This Rat Post was entirely inspired by three rainers, Endre Barat...
  Imagine my surprise when I popped back into my office between showings and found a gazillion people liking and commenting on a bunch of  my old posts  It was like - what is going on here? Maybe it's a joke (kind of like the old times when we used to take over some ones blog -  they were called ...
 8 Pound Rats Roaming the Neighborhood It's Friday Fun Day and Almost August 1st.  Can you believe it's August already. Christmas is just around the corner. But..... let's get back to the BIG RAT.... Yesterday I just happened to see a BIG RAT in our backyard. Oh great now we need to get the rat p...
 Imagine my laughter when I just happened upon this street sign, Lazy Lane OR Dead End, while looking at homes. So let's pretend you live on Lazy Lane but if you take a wrong turn it will turn into a Dead End!  That's was an intriguing thought to me in that moment!  I knew I had to snap a photo a...
                                      Breaking BananaTude News!          The BananaTude Group has new page on Facebook! BananaTudes Facebook Group Positive Attitude + Respectful of Others  = BananaTudes! Join the new FB BananaTudes Group!  To be approved into the group there are 3 simple question...
   Sunday Funday!  Today is a great day to re-blog Alan May post from around this time last year.  Still makes me laugh today when I just happened to run across it again! Thanks for the laught Alan.  Much needed this year as well.! Keep on rocking it! Anna Banana Active Rain is a community of rea...
                 June Challenge: Rising Above the Pandemic  If you're anything like us, Carol Williams and moi, Miss Banana, you're sick and tired of all the COVID this and COVID that. Especially now when there seems to be an uptick in cases in several states.  It's time to look ahead and create ...
 My Dad was a very special man.  The other day at lunch we were talking about our memories of our Dad's and how they shaped our minds and futures. That got me to thinking about my Dad and my younger memories. My first memory I can remember was when I was 2 1/2. We lived in Duluth MN and it was a ...
  Saturday 5 o'clock!  Time to relax!  Wow this week has flown by fast.  I can't believe it's Saturday! It felt like Wednesday to me today!  And it' not even a 3 day national holiday weekend to mess up my timing!  And yet... I'm so ready to enjoy a cool glass of white wine in the pool and just fl...

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