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If you're looking for some online classes, Hewlett Packard (HP) has some free classes that are worth looking into, you can see the classes available by clicking here.Just to name a few:» Security solutions    »  Tune up your Windows XP PC    »  Protect yourself from spam and spyware    »  Securit...
I recently changed my web site over to Joomla (Content Management System).  As a web site designer, this was very hard for me to do and I'm still learning the ins and outs of Joomla on a daily basis.  Deciding to go to a Joomla format was very scary, I'm a designer, not a programmer and it was mo...
Are you a real estate agent who has an on-site assistant?  This is a great way for your personal assistant to have the training they need in order to help you succeed.  Imagine the time it will save to have your assistant trained by the best organization out there for real estate assistants.  Whe...
I know agents that spend several hours per week reading industry e-zines and articles, reviewing new softwares and technologies as well as researching the latest in technology and industry gadgets.  The results?  You spend hours of your time researching tools and techniques that are rarely put to...
FROM with permission:In today's society we are hearing more and more about global warming and that we must take action now in order to save the earth for future generations.Interesting fact:  Virtual Assistants are going green everyday! How do we do this?  We...
As a Virtual Assistant, I spend hours in front of the computer each day with little to no physical activity.  Sound familiar?  For years my husband used to ask me why I read so many different magazine articles and e-zines and I always responded that it was an extra effort to "grow my business."  ...
There are so many ways to customize your web site, but favicon (short for favorites icon) is one of my favorite little "bells and whistles" option that I love.Below is some information on what a favicon is and how to create and utilize the icon.  The directions below may seem a little overwhelmin...
Virtual Assistants are quickly becoming the *must have* for busy real estate professionals.  Why?  Because they save you time, money and a lot of headaches.Real Estate Virtual Assistants are promoted by Star Power, Allen F. Hainge (CyberStars), Mr. Internet (Michael Russer) and now by Dan Richard...
I have been inundated with e-mails containing a PDF attachment.  I get up to 50 e-mails or more a day with these PDF attachments!  Apparently others in my Real Estate Virtual Assistant group IREAA ( are having these issues as well.  I don't know the people sending the e-mails and I ...
Late last week I found a test that McAfee Site Advisor published that tests your knowledge on internet scams. consider myself an internet pro and can spot the ebay/paypal scams from a mile away so I was pretty confident going into this quiz.Ima...

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