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As a co-founder of  (International Real Estate Assistants Association) I will be attending the NAR conference in November in Las Vegas. If you're in real estate, you've heard about Real Estate Virtual Assistants either through magazine, or through speakers...
Wow, what's going on with Advanced Access?  I have had more phone calls this morning than in the past month!  It seems those of you with Advanced Access template sites are seeing the light and ready to build a stand alone site.  While AA is generally a good product as far as template based sites ...
Did you know that there is an organization now for real estate assistants?  Whether your assistant is an in-house assistant or a real estate virtual assistant there is a place where your assistant can learn the latest technologies being used by successful and savvy real estate professionals.The I...
Many people still think that a combination of the "right" metatags will get them high rankings in the search engines.  While metatags used to be a key ingredient, they no longer hold as much prominence with the search engines as they used to. SEO now consists of SEVERAL techniques and the algorit...
Blogs are the new craze in marketing for the real estate industry and with good reason!Blogs provide a two-fold benefit to the Blog owner.  First, Blogs provide helpful information to your client in a format that is most often more personable than a web site.  Secondly, Blogs when updated consist...

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