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Ann Adams & Associates Realty, a Phoenix Real Estate Expert, has great expertise as a short sale listing agent in Phoenix & surrounding cities like Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale and many more in the state of Arizona.   We have perfected the method of selling short sale homes in Arizona’s struggling...
Great News!!Residential Real Estate Market across the Valley seems to be on the positive side looking at the market data. Across Maricopa County, taking into account New Homes and Resales, total active home listings dropped by 2883 units making the home count stand at 36883, the lowest amount fo...
The average buyer's agent in Arizona will look to MLS and many times lean towards showing homes that offer better pay.  This happens all the time.  Listings that offer low commissions out to buyer's agents get shown less.  Realtors only get paid by commissions when a closing happens. The more ass...
A foreclosure, short sale, loan modification or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure can all have a negative impact on your credit. Many times a bank will force you to go behind before they will consider a short sale.  There is  a difference in the severity of the damage between them.   A foreclosure will...
Tax Issues on short sales Home equity lines and investors be sure to consult your CPA prior to considering a short sale or foreclosure.  The IRS wants you to pay and you must have great tax planning and strategy to minimize your risk and lower your tax burden.  The tax laws change so frequently t...
Strategic Default Homeowners underwater are looking to make the best business decision on this underwater mortgage.  Many have detached themselves from any moral conflict they may have had initially and even buy another home then short sale later.  Strategic defaults especially in Arizona have in...
Wow can our tax dollars be wasted anymore?  I watched homes go at auction this past weekend for $15,000 to $50,000 less than they would have sold if they had just lowered the prices on MLS.  The poor listing agents for Fannie only get paid 1% on the homes that are sent to auction.  This makes now...
Short sales in Arizona over the past few years have had legitimate hardship letters to support the short sale. Recently, we have had hour listings for short sales shift over to strategic defaults.  An example of a strategic default is a recent client that consulted a real estate attorney and boug...
The insiders in our real estate community are referring to this back log of homes as a "Shadow Market".  What that means is the banks are releasing foreclosures at a slower pace to our market and causing a lower available home inventory count in Arizona and other places.  Banks are not in the mar...
I am seeing an increasing number of homes priced to high that are borderline short sale in Tempe, Arizona.  They are on the verge of doing a short sale in Tempe or they would consider a lease purchase to get them out of the home.  In many cases they need to move and are stuck with the home in thi...

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