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I started my real estate career in 1980 and if ever I have seen history repeat itself it is now, nearly 30 years later.  In 1983 I sold homes with interest rates of 17 1/2 %. Realtors dropped like flies because the attitude was "I can't sell homes with those kinds of interest rates".  Fast forwar...
Or at least you need to know what you are doing.  Several times last week I had conversations with Realtors about short sales.  Most understood their value in certain situations and market conditions but almost everyone expressed a certain level of disdain for the whole process.  Thinking back o...
Choosing the right agent to list and sell your New Orleans West Bank home has become more important than ever.  Inventory rates are at historic highs in some neighborhoods and choosing the person who is responsible for helping you move on to the next phase of your life should NOT be based on: Th...
I recently wrote a blog called "Hang in There, Rookies! It Gets Easier, I promise! which was about how once you get a few SPC's (satisfied past clients) under your belt, this job really does get easier - the bringing-in-business part of it anyway. SPC's are by far the best source of business in o...
We all experience the seller who calls to complain about their property not selling. We also experience the angry buyer who can't believe they didn't accept his offer. Sometimes they call at the most inopportune times. How do we handle these calls? Our goal when an unhappy person is on the other ...
Today Zillow released our 2nd Quarter Home Values data.  Nationally, the news isn't too bright with home values decreasing by almost 10% in the second quarter compared to a year ago.  Also, nearly a third of homeowners who bought since 2003 are underwater on their mortgages, meaning they owe more...
Email your senators and representative the following email to help save downpayment assistance programs so deserving Americans can afford to buy a home. A new bill reinstating downpayment assistance was introduced on July 31, 2008 but now we need to get it passed. Go to ...
I welcome suggestions on what else to add to this letter! Paying rent is like pouring money down the drain.  But it's true, buying a home can be a "hair-raising" experience.  It can be a roller coaster of emotions... finding the right place... securing the loan... moving in.  And if you're like ...
Hey Everyone, These are by favorite free (or almost free) online training resources for agents. I prepared the list today for a new agent in my office. Anyone else have other free online resources they'd like to reccomend? Proquest: , sign up for their free online...
I suggest that even before you put your home on the market, that we have an accredited home stager (ASP) come by your home give you a free itemized quote for staging it. There are several stagers in town to choose from. In case you're not familiar with what staging is, it is the process of prepar...

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