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Maybe I'm just stupid but I know for sure I'm frustrated..... Banks made loans to people who couldn't afford them so houses were selling like hotcakes which drove the prices up. Then people are losing their homes and short saling their homes because they can't afford the mortgage payments. Banks ...
Now listed - MLS #29117520    Unassuming from the street.... Subtle elegance from the golf course....   Nothing Subtle here...just beautiful elegance   This is a For Sale By Owner in a gated golf course community. Owner is willing to pay 3% to a buyers agent. Contact me for more information......
In our Team Meeting this morning we crunched some numbers for mortgages. Our average sales price of a home here in King County WA is around $325,000. To buy a home for that abount of money you have to make around $6000 a month or $72K a year. Now I know of 3 homes for sale on the same street. One...
Its the 4th of July, its the weekend (this will be one of the very few sunny & dry 4ths we've had since I moved here in 1968). I don't like the fireworks, I'm a transplant from Canada born of English parents. Loud sudden noises scare the you know what out of me. I'd rather be working. This is one...
Showing homes in Des Moines can be exciting! First of all there are a lot of airplanes to watch and I've never experienced the rush of air that follows a jet. It sounds like a phantom jet! Well that might be strange but even stranger was when I was in a home that had some great windows in it and ...
Meridian Valley Golf & Country Club's course was full of dads yesterday. There were a lot of moms, sons and daughters also. Even the rain didn't stop them. What we do for our dads..... After watching the parade of golfers trying to sink a putt on the 11th hole I announced from my deck that "that ...
I LOVE working with buyers! There is so much excitement, so much energy about them! Don't get me wrong sellers are fun too, when the transaction closes. Buyers are fun until moving day. That excitement starts at the first house we look at and continues to build until signing an offer then it chan...
The weather is dreadful today, Tuesday May 19, 2009. Its windy, overcast and not even 60 degrees out there. The golfers don't care. There is even a golf tournament going on, The Washington Open Invitational. When there's a tournament going on its as if I'm watching a party from the outside. There...
Keller Williams Renton WA Helps Out A Former Colleague and His Family RED Day to Honor Mo Anderson Today, about 25 of us from the Keller Williams office here in Renton came together to celebrate the First Annual Keller Williams RED Day. Standing for Renew Energize Donate it is the international d...
Did you know there is a private air field in Covington/Kent WA? Its a unique community call Crest Airpark. Crest Airpark is a place where you can live with your aircraft or you can learn to fly. Here is a link to a "Learn to Fly" video I've always wanted t...

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