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How are other people staying motivated in this market here are few of my suggestions. I start each day with affirmations then I start calling at least 6 past clients just to say hello and ask how they're doing (hour of power). Send out notes to people I have met and then I get on the social netwo...
Every professional hits a plateau at some point in his or her career. Plateaus come in many forms, some are financial, others are motivational. Maybe an agents productivity is down due to the bottoming out of the cyclical real estate market, while another has been distracted by other forces allow...
Can anyone answer this question I invited a fellow agent to join activerain and he said he went on the site and it was $49.00 a month either he was on a wrong site or does it have to do with being invited by someone? I re-invited him I have never known anyone getting charged for being on activera...
I just started to really get into this social networking and it is amazing the people you connect with I know some professionals say they don't see the value of social networks and are too busy to participate in them but frequent users argue that it makes great business sense to create a presence...
So while headlines trumpet a national lending crisis and plunging real estate prices, the fact is that many of the Bay Area's (San Francisco Bay Area) mature neighborhoods remain sound and historically strong In the past 10 years bay area homes (San Francisco Area)have appreciated more then 110% ...
Make careful choices, make wise investments by doing so, you can survive-even thrive during hard times. Business philosophy has always been based on investing and planning for the long term. That same approach has also been invaluable to helping your clients identify their best options when selli...
Has anybody heard that the 15,000.00 credit that passed the senate last week might not pass of course ths would not go in to effect until the president signs the bill but all of a sudden I'm hearing this might not pass can anybody give me any feedback thanks in advance
Pay down your revolving debt-don't move debt around to several credit cards Be current on bills and stay current-if paying bills on time is an issue consider paying your bills on-line or consider having automatic payments Don't open a lot of new accounts- instead maintain your current accounts If...
I just attended the Convention for Sell-a-bration in San Francisco what a great event, great classes and I met some wonderful people from all over the world!!  I learned new ideas and shared proven results with different people -made some great connections. If anybody attended this I would like t...
A friend told me if you're 70 1/2 plus and you are having to take required minimum distributions from your retirement plans in 2009 you do not have to do this-no penalty and you do not have to make it up in 2010 -I would like your feedback on this as this would be great advice to having clients c...

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