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Santa Rosa Home Loan Mortgage Consultant with 20 years experience in FHA, VA, Conforming, Jumbo and creative lending looking to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with anyone who is interested real estate and Sonoma County.
IS THE AVERAGE REAL ESTATE LICENSEE ABLE TO MAKE A LIVING INCOME TODAY?? Here's an interesting post by Len Harley that I wanted to pass on to my local agents outside of Activerain. Based on the latest NAR statistics, is real estate still a viable business for the average agent? I would think not...
Russel Ray is one of the most prolific bloggers on Activerain. I've learn many pointers from his blog posts. If you're wondering if blogging on activerain works or not. Just read this post. Thanks for all your great work, Russel! How I define my ActiveRain success I had a recent Invitee ask me ho...
 FHA Home Loans - 5% Down on FHA loans? Really? - Santa Rosa, CA I love the way Bridget McGee writes and wanted to pass this nice posting about potential FHA home loan changes to my Santa Rosa, California Real Estate Agents. I wish I had more time to write as well and as thoroughly as Bridget. I ...
Cynthia Larsen just educated me about a location in Bodega Bay that just blew my mind! So, I'm reposting it to share and spread the word about "Hole in the Head" in Bodega Bay. I can't wait to drive out to the site after reading about it. Thanks history lesson Cynthia!   I'll be the first to admi...
This is definately a favorite local activity! I've been caught in the Cotati Crawl before and it's a blast! Thanks for the reminder Cynthia! I wish I could make it! Cheers!Look out! The Cotati Crawl, which takes place every Thursay Night, lands on Cinco De Mayo this year. Sonoma State University ...
iPhone Applications: 32 Top Real Estate Related iPhone Apps for REALTORS®  In January of 2010, I wrote a posting on the latest iPhone apps for REALTORS® titled, Apple’s Top Free Real Estate Related iphone apps for Realtors and home buyers in Sonoma County Wine Country. It was a solid list of appl...
Social Media Branding for REALTORS® - Online Real Estate Marketing It's amazing the amount of work it takes to put a class together for me. It took me three weeks of work after hours to come up with 38 slides and guidebook for my social media branding class.  I'm blown away by the amount of energ...
2011 Business Strategies for REALTORS® - Online Real Estate Marketing Planning for success in 2011 takes a ton of energy, but it's worth the effort! Last year, I taught a class where only 5% of the attending REALTORS® had completed a real estate sales business plan for 2011! I couldn't believe ho...
Social Media Marketing for REALTORS® - Online Real Estate Marketing It's been awhile since I've posted anything on AR! I've been so busy with my work and life events. I've also been busy Social Media Marketing and branding to my local real estate agents at the North Bay Association of REALTORS®. ...
Once again, Brad continues to push us to the forefront of Social Media marketinng with his latest posting about QR codes. If this technique takes hold, we could all have a whole new profile image on our business cards soon! Thanks Brad!I've seen many posts about QR codes, here's one on how to Cus...

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