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From the outside looking in at the Brand Ambassador’s Tattoos coverage  going viral, the dozens of television appearances and radio spots, the Lolli Mansion (dubbed by the media) and Rolls Royce, it can be easy for some to overlook and discount the investments and sacrifices I made to I get to wh...
For many first time renters in New York City, the fees may often be seen as ridiculous. Often, when a renter first hears "broker’s fee", they are turned off. However, in today’s highly competitive NYC Real Estate market, to go it alone can sometimes be treacherous. What are all those upfront fees...
The New York Rugby Club is the oldest rugby club in the United States with almost 100 men and women as active players in the NY metro area. They provide a much needed outlet for our youth (high school and college ages included) exploring their potential as athletes and diverting them to positive ...
In order to own an NYC franchise you have to have tons of drive, industry experience or the interest to learn all you can about it to be a success. At Rapid Realty, many of our successful agents go on to become some of our most successful Franchisees because they go from working in a business to ...
One of the most competitive jobs in New York City is real estate. Mostly due to the fact that the real estate market in New York is so competitive because of the amount of people looking for apartments. Agents are constantly competing to show apartments and close deals as quickly as possible.   B...
Tattoos in general have become very popular, practically a norm these days for self expression. Getting inked for a bump up in commission rates is not common anywhere, though, except at Rapid Realty. It’s completely optional and, yet, very popular with our team members. I will not only pay for yo...
Rapid Realty, one of the fastest growing real estate franchises in the country, was named among the top ten in Franchisee satisfaction in the Franchise Business Review's (FBR) annual franchise awards. For the annual report and award, FBR "surveyed over 26,000 franchisees, representing more than 3...
It is a safe bet that no one has ever loved working anywhere so much so that they got the company logo tattooed on themselves. While there is no way to definitively prove it, it's a safe bet that no one in New York real estate has one either. That is, unless you work for Rapid Realty. There are c...
The past three years for Rapid Realty have been banner years in terms of growth. With a 30% growth rate since 2009, Rapid Realty NY has had one grand opening after another, with each and every one of these new offices opened up in Rapid Realty NY style. What is Rapid Realty NY style? It's a combi...
Ask anyone at Rapid Realty and they'll tell you...two of the most rewarding experiences are the achievement of our agents’ first commission check and giving back to our community. We have not slowed down in either regard!   Since day one I’ve committed myself to creating a business with a strong ...

Anthony Lolli

Entrepreneur + Philanthropist
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