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A question I'm frequently asked is how long it takes for a transaction to close here in the Boulder area.  There really is no magic number - the answer is that the amount of time you spend under contract is completely negotiable.  That being said, most closings happen anywhere from 30 to 60 days...
Even if you're already working with an agent, sometimes you just want to go out on your own and wander through some properties.  I get it.  So, you'd think there would be a centralized place to find a list of all the open houses on a given weekend, wouldn't you?  Unfortunately, that isn't the ca...
  One of the perks of this job is getting to visit homes of all types, sizes, and styles. Every home, no matter how humble or grand, has potential:  the potential to be upgraded and modernized, the potential to provide its owners with a new lifestyle, the potential to be the first home a new baby...
Was out previewing properties today, and was denied admittance to one home by these big guys.  I wasn't about to argue!  
I am a do-it-myselfer.  I enjoy the challenge of fixing what's broken on my own, of discovering something new, and of finding a good bargain.  So I have to admit I get it when people tell me they think they don't need an agent for buying a house.  Between being able to search our MLS online, int...
As a seller, there is a time when you shouldn't "sell" your listing to the highest bidder:  when you're interviewing agents to list, market, and sell your home. Many home sellers decide to interview a number of agents before they list their home. I think it's a good idea - you're going to be spe...
Back in February I wrote a post about the Copper Hill subdivision near the intersection of S. Boulder Rd. and McCaslin in Louisville, Colorado.  At the time of writing that post, 2 of the 9 lots were sold, 2 were under contract, and 5 were still available.  Now, in July 2010, I have good news to...
Yet another reason why Louisville formerly held the title of best place to live in America (my guess is that we didn't get it for 2010 because Money magazine just couldn't keep giving it to us year after year!):  no parking problems. City council is actually considering a reduction in the number ...
View of Devil's Thumb from living room!   It's that time of year - University of Colorado at Boulder students are looking for the perfect housing.  Here in Boulder, students often live off campus for at least 3 years of their studies.  Many of these students (or their parents) realize that the c...
Louisville, CO continues to be a draw for wind energy companies: Congratulations, Louisville, and a warm welcome to future Vestas and American Zephyr Corp. employees!

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