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I keep wondering to myself - did I REALLY do this?  Part of me is so excited I can barely contain myself and the other part of me is so anxious I just want to curl up in a ball and hide!    January 6, Southeastern Home Team became Southeastern Realty Group!  With the brokerage comes a renewed co...
As a certified Mastery Coach for Fortune Builders I'm ALWAYS looking for the most bang for our marketing buck not only for my company but also to help my students!  We spend time and resources testing the effectiveness of varying marketing campaigns.  In fact, the majority of the budgeted expens...
I was discussing matters with a team member recently.  We both agreed that a system we were using in our office was not working and needed to be thrown out and not re-built.  Without hesitation he summed it up…”you can’t polish a terd.”  Say what?  I could not contain the laughter. Never before h...
Oft-times mortgage insurance can become the monkey wrench in the short sale approval process.  If you haven’t encountered mortgage insurance (MI), you will.  So, what should you expect and what should you do?  Better yet, what do you do to get to the closing table? Well, I first want to clear up...
If the video does not load - please go to The Short Sale Daily News Crew knows that and as you enjoy this holiday season, we'll be here after the holidays to ROCK YOUR SHORT SALE WORLD!
RealtyTrac has released the latest foreclosure activity for November 2010. Problems with paperwork in the robo-signing scandal, the subsequent foreclosure suspensions by the mega banks, and the need for tens of thousands of re-filings by mortgage servicers, caused foreclosure activity to fall to...
Originally posted on Short Sale Daily News One bite at a time….. Building a real estate business in today’s market can seem like a daunting task.  Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?  The different hats and directions each of us need to tackle on a daily basis for consistent growth can give even ...
Will all that’s happened in the economy and the housing market the last couple years, have Americans soured on the idea of owning a home? Fannie Mae conducted a study to find out and discovered Americans still strongly desire to own homes. “Despite Americans’ strong desire to own their homes, ou...
Key members of the White House and numerous federal housing officials are now applying more pressure to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to reduce loan balances for underwater borrowers. The number of such borrowers is growing, with nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeowners owing more on their homes...
  In today’s world, can you really afford anything to be more complicated?  Doesn’t life seem to get shorter and shorter?  Believe it or not, simple can be the way to go.  Let’s discuss how that relates to marketing, at least from a digital standpoint. We know you’ve got a lot to say, especially ...

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