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Have you been thinking of listing your home for sale recently?  Have there been changes in your life which would require you to relocate, down size or upgrade.  Some people may take a long time to prepare for a move, while others are quick to act.  Sometimes it may feel like there are too many ob...
Turner Real Estate Group presents a new listing1057 Deas Street, Rock Hill SC  29732 Fixer upper 3 bedroom 2 bath partial brick home sold "as is". Walking distance from Cherry Park  completely fenced in with large lot.  Concrete driveway with 1 car carport. Back yard with 2 storage buildings, fru...
A trustworthy agent is important to ensure a successful real estate experience.   Once you have finally decided to move forward, you want to assemble a team working towards your goals.  There are many reasons people decide to relocate;  some people want to down size, some need to move due to work...
Don't let Fico score stop you from buying your next home.  Can you believe that there are still people who hold fast to the fable that you need 20% down and a great FICO score to even get a mortgage. This is just not true, you can buy a house with less than 20 % down.  And yes, you can buy a hous...
Make sure that when selling real estate, the selling price is right.  Some people may be lured into thinking they are going to build a little negotiation room when they over price the property.  This is a bad selling strategy, which actually will shrink the pool of possible buyers. When the selli...
It's a great time to buy a vacation home.  Many people find that a vacation home in the mountains or by the sea is the perfect fit. Luckily for the residents of South Carolina we have both. There are many reasons people choose to branch out into a vacation home, many times it has to do with locat...
Real estate still ranked high in investment portfolios.  There are so many pathways used to create and manage a diverse and growing investment portfolio.  Americans today still see owning a home as a high priority in their wealth and their family's generational wealth growth plan.  With wild swin...
There are boundless myths about down payment requirements.  Some of these myths include percentages, while others may include sourcing or gifts.  Despite misinformation, it may  not take  you as long as you think to save for a down payment.  Remember, it is always suggested that you visit a loan ...
There are great reasons to buy real estate,  which can motivate people to move.  Right now you may be renting and wondering about the cost of buying. Or you may be looking to buy your vacation home, next to the water sounds nice.  Or maybe you're looking to relocate closer to family and friends. ...
Why you should sell now?  The answer is very simple, you actually learned this in school. The basic accounting concept of supply and demand.  It is the demand side of this equation that we are focusing on now.  Demand  for existing homes is on the rise.  There are more families looking for homes ...

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