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Did you know that by opening a new credit account will give yuo a 25 point boost in your credit score.  If you pay off a credit card, it will go up another 35 points.  That is enough to get you the loan that you deserve most of the time, but is that all you need.  NO!  A good mortgage comapny can...
I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help and support of the active rain members.  This has helped me to understand how everything works.  I have more than doubled my business in the past three months, because of the advice and support of everyone.  Thanks for the help and hope that I may h...
I recently had someone apply for a loan with me.  They were also checking out another mortgage company at the same time to see which is better.  They were very happy with the numbers I gave them, but the other companies number was a little better.  They went with the other company, but I got a ca...
Has anyone else heard about this?  It comes in an email and if you forward it on you can receive money form bill gates it has something to do with internet explorer and they are compenstiong people up to 245.00 per person they forward this to.  If you would like to join in please send me your ema...
Just to start I would like to ask you a few questions.  I am in a fairly new business and am trying to just let people know that I exist, and was wondering if there is some home magazines or papers in the different areas of the country that are good at generating traffic?  I have been doing some ...
Something I have learned is that we are more than just lenders we are friends.  I think i talk to my customers more than I do any of my friends.  I am just as comfortable talking to them as anyone.  As a business some people think that we are here just to do a job, but I believe that we are here ...
I recently posted a blog about two different way to market my company.  I got some great responses that really helped me, but know I've got anothere way to really get myself out there.  I just don't know who or how much it may cost.  I can purchase a commercial for around 1000.00 or a little more...
Why do we love what we do?  I know that I enjoy the company of all the faces that I see everyday.  I also enjoy the conversations.  Yes I also enjoy the money, but the money could be sat aside and I would still enjoy it.  Obviously we are all here for the money to feed our families and cloth and ...
I have been here for  just over a month, and already it has made a difference.  I am very pleased with the comment on AR, and also with the tools it provides us.  I have had at least 45 new people I have talked to that have seen my profile on AR.  Now I jsut need to take care of them and that cou...
I was wondering the best way to advertise to a broader market.  I have a few ideas I would like to pass by all you rainers.  I have a advetising business that says they can give my site over 100,000 hit a month for six months straight, but at a significant cost.  Have any of you ever had experien...

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