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I represent tax payers in the greater St. Louis metropolian area and the rest of the State of Missouri. How long does the IRS have to collect the tax that is owed yet better known as the statute of limitations.The date of assessment assuming that all returns have been filed the IRS has 10 years t...
I represent taxpayers in St. Louis and the rest of the state of Missouri who have tax issues. For taxpayers to resolve back tax issues, they need to propose a payback plan to the IRS. How does a taxpayer want to pay the tax debt?There are a number of payment plan options for resolving a tax debt,...
I represent taxpayers in St. Louis and the rest of the state of Missouri who have tax issues. Recently the IRS has been in the news regarding an increase in there budget request that has been granted. Addtional revenue officers and revenue agents have been hired and as a result an increase in col...
I represent companies and individuals in St.Louis, surrounding areas and the state of Missouri who have IRS and State tax problems that include unfiled tax returns and past due taxes. If you have unfiled returns and don't know what to do when you don't have the money file the returns regardless. ...

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