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Since we already learned a few tips on how to save energy in our living room, the same can be done in the kitchen.  Much like the TV is to your living space, the refrigerator is the energy hog of the kitchen.  Take a minute to evaluate your thermostat settings.  The refrigerator should be set bet...
Since a family's living area is a high-traffic, high-volume space that is probably used more than any other room in the house, next to the kitchen, it's easy to waste money while enjoying the amenities.  If you're in the market for a new TV, take the time to evaluate the cost difference between  ...
It's quite a debate to decide if you're appropriately insured for your property and personal possessions.  In the event of a devastating loss, you don't want to have a policy that won't assist in getting you back to your routine lifestyle, but on the other hand, you don't want to throw money away...
The time is still right for buyers. With the home prices remaining steady and the stabilizing economgy, it's not just a good time to buy a's one of the best times to buy. 1. Low mortgage rates serve as an equity shock absorber. When buyers borrow at today's record-low rates, they start...
I couldn't wait to get all my things settled once I purchased and closed on my first home.  I was too wrapped up in being a first-time home buyer that there were so many things I overlooked.  What I had thought was a significant amount of 'stuff' turned out to be scraps when I moved everything in...
Temperatures aren't the only numbers on the rise during the summer months, so are energy costs.  On average, cooling costs are around $400 a year per homeowner, but let's be real honest - I know for a fact I have spent a significantly greater amount than that.  I'm always looking for ways to keep...
With the economy in repair, the new-home sales are also back on the rise, only this time the properties are more affordable.  Just like any major purchase, it's imperative to understand what you're getting into with new construction.  When dealing with realtors, make sure to get a realtor that re...
With summer kicking into full-swing, backyard pools will be the ‘hot' hit for the next couple of months.  With about 260 children under the age of 5 drowning each year, pool owners need to take safety precautions.  One method of protection isn't enough when you've got smart, dare-devil kids aroun...
If you are still able to somehow manage your mortgage even though you may be underwater in what you owe vs. what it's worth - don't just walk away from it.  Many people believe that taking a hit on their credit score is worth ridding themselves of a headache of never getting out of their property...
While the stress of finding the perfect tenant and fixing up odds and ends sometimes deters homeowners from renting out their homes, the tax deductions can often sway their decision.  If you save receipts and include such expenses on Schedule E of your tax return form, many of the necessary maint...

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