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If you have ever been to a Mariner's Game, you know the tradition of playing this song during the 7th Inning stretch.  My partner, Kim Harris, was a Roadie for this group back in 1964 (not giving it away so you are suprised when you play the video below).  He was also a Roadie for Paul Revere and...
Rosemarie Hicks tagged me in the 2008 Supermeme 1. Who is my favorite musical artist? My favorite musical "artist" is Frank...Sinatra, of course.  It's more about the man than "the man and his music" and Frank has always been "The Man" in my life.  My Dad would say "Be Quiet...It's 'THE MAN' :)  ...
It's been a hell of a day.  One of those days when you just want to hang it up.  One went fell out...when is teetering on the edge...and every one a struggle.  Hours and hours of work on every one of them.  Then I made a comment on ActiveRain and smiled. The word I ha to enter to get my ...
I have several offers in various stages "going around".  On one I am agent for the buyer, on a few others I am agent for the seller. What I have noticed is that even some experienced, full time agents of long standing have had to take side jobs to make it through this weaker market.  What can we ...
And who doesn't.  My hidden agenda today was to hopefully sell the listing before I held the Open House today.  Turns out the offer will be delivered TO the Open House, and that's OK! There's been a lot of talk about ActiveRain not sponsoring "free speech" and telling someone to Hit the Road Jack...
Joel Burslem wrote a "Guess Who's Coming to Connect" post.  I'm plyaing "catch up" this year with no closings from February through May!  So I don't have a lot of time and resources this year. But I will be flying in for the Beer Party, speaking at and attending the first day, which is Blogger's ...
I don't doubt that one has to be a bit of "a player" to be successful in the real estate business.  No missed opportunities.  No mistaking the signs that one is ready to buy or NOT ready to sell.  It's our business. Sure we help people do one of the most important things they do.  Buy their house...
Agents have been talking about the need to "thin the herd" for quite a few years now.  Maybe someone should have said "Be Careful What You Wish For" back then. Yes, it's true that the experienced agents suffered by there being too many agents for many or most to truly make a decent living. But no...
I quick question.  I need an eFax type service like yesterday!!!  Can you please give me any info you may have regarding these services.  Good experiences.  Bad experiences.  Cost?  Any input would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm busier than ever...hope same is going for all of you!  On the run but w...
I woke up at 6:00 a.m. this morning and embarked on a journey that I have been meaning to take for quite sometime. I am attempting to document all of the instances where I represented the buyer or the seller in a real estate transaction.  Though I may never be able to remember and record all of t...

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