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The pic is from Kung Fu Panda at Cannes with Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black  I rarely get involved in pop stories.  But I am just so happy for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. My take was that poor Brad Pitt wanted kids and his first wife wasn't very accommodating in that regard.  I mean really.  If...
One thing I have noticed about the current state of the market is that I have to work 35% harder at just about everything.  Why you ask? Because there are 32% fewer buyers in the marketplace this year.  Volume of sales is down by 32%.  In fact I think I am having to work 66% harder.  There are 32...
In the post below I explained that I am posting these so that the owners can help in the selection of photos, before they are posted to the mls. There will be other photos of other rooms, and we are saving the exterior photos in hopes that the sun is coming out tomorrow, as promised by my iPhone ...
I am finding that the owners of homes like to participate in the photo taking and selection process BEFORE the photos appear in the mls.  We are hoping for a sunny day tomorrow, but I did some staging and photo taking today, as did the owner. I am posting my favorites here for the owners to see. ...
Below are some photos of a townhome for sale in Rivertrail, Redmond WA  For many, choosing townhome over single family home offers many advantages.  The interior finishes are generally much newer and upscale than one could possible get at the same price and location in a single family home.  The ...
When is your home "positioned to sell" 1) Priced Well 2) Looks Good (both in person AND on the internet) 3) You have left some flexibility to negotiate both price and home inspection Just because a home isn't sold, doesn't mean it isn't positioned to sell.  This time of year it is not uncommon fo...
Just got the call!  My daughter Jacquie (above at the 7 Eleven at Denny and 5th) and Peter are going to have a baby!  AND...she's on her way back to Seattle to live here.  The move back here was already in this is added good news!Jacquie is my middle child.  My eldest daughter has a 3 y...
I'm looking for an agent, not a house...   I want to know what makes you tick. I want to know if you treat your spouse well. I want to know if you are kind to animals and children. I want to know if you have a good value system. I want to know if you speak with high regard for your clients. I wan...
Since most of my clients come from blogging and have for the last two and a half years, I thought it would be interesting to post a few excerpts from their original contact messages.  It might provide some insight into how people who choose an agent after reading their blogs go about making that ...
I just received this email from someone who commented on my previous blog entry here in Active Rain. "I know you are very busy, but I just wondered why most of your clients come from your blogging, but not from active rain? Is there a reason why you don't put the same kind of blogs in the rain as...

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