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(I wrote this post back in April of 2008. I recently had a request from a Reserve Study Company who wanted to use it in all of their Reserve Studies. Portions of it, rather than the whole thing I expect. I decided to repost it here as if it is THAT useful to a Reserve Study might be...
When my clients send me a home they want to see and ask for my thoughts, I often respond “nice house; seems a little over-priced to me”. Sometimes they wonder how I know that before seeing the house. Using general statistics to establish an immediate reaction to price, gives you a good starting ...
Below is a picture of me with @miacupcake on of my twitter friends. Mia just had a baby and I am needing to get a Mother of the Bride gown for my daughter's wedding in October. So we have joined together with some other twitter friends to from #tweightloss which starts tomorrow, Friday, January 1...
It is important to note that the real estate industry did not "invent" barcamps. Just like twitter and facebook and blogging, real estate peeps and tweeps enter the existing scene, and modify it as needed to meet their objectives. There have been recent discussions about the word "bar" being in t...
On a lighter note :) I'd like to share this cool compilation in Kim's collection. If I can find the actual songs on as I go, I will link it through to the actual song. All of these songs were written by Lennon & McCartney, except Sour Milk Sea and Badge both written by George Harrison. 1...
Like most of you, I received an email today highlighting the post "Give us your commission or else..." 1) Do not get involved with REO or Short Sale properties, if you do not understand the concept of "short". 2) If you are going to write a post about how everyone should give til it hurts [excep...
My new laptop came with Picasa 3 as the photo editor. I've always used HP Image Zone, but decided it was time to try something new. But for some reason I can't find a photo resizing tool in Picasa 3, and I resize a lot! I just tried as suggested on twitter...but I can only save the resi...
A Vlog :) In preparation for a series of vlogs on real estate, I'm trying to get video out of my flip video and into a blog post. This is my grandaugher Xochitl and Mike.  Don't miss the big finish...that's assuming I am able to get the video up and playing. Crossing my fingers.  A vlog :) Someda...
Most people buying real estate are either: 1) first time buyers who rented before they purchased or 2) move up buyers who grew out of their first home. Both types of homebuyers, should put much time into the process of buying and moving up.  In fact, they should plan for that event before they re...
Had a great meetup with Dustin Luther at Hennessey's in Hermosa Beach. He said he often is asked the question "Why doesn't ARDELL follow me on Twitter? Is it because I am not an interesting follow?" There are so many people who blog on Active Rain that I would like to follow, but I find the redun...

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