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I have given out some of these ideas to people in financial distress, or families who just got snowed in and couldn't get out to buy Christmas Ornaments this year.  The younger you are, the more you may need "fillers" in the early years as you grow your collection of ornaments. These are all ver...
I don't know how old I was, but I do know the stuffed panda was a lot bigger than I was.  So I must have been pretty young. I will forever appreciate the perspective I gained from growing up poor in a very large family of 7 children. Santa always brought our tree AFTER we went to bed on Christma...
There is no doubt that the Seattle Area Real Estate Market will be better in 2009.  For Agents: There will clearly be at least one month in 2009...that is better than November of 2008. For Buyers: No matter where or what you buy, it will be a better deal than if you had bought it in June of 2007 ...
Below is a fabulous video used as a Commercial for the Washington State Lottery.  In other areas you might expect to see someone buying a big expensive house and car.  Not in Washington.  While I think the commercial is about the person winning the lottery being "able to fly" as a result of havin...
Mike Santoro, my daughter Tina and my grand daughter Xochitl are in town from L.A. for Thanksgiving, and Mike is getting some absolutely awesome photos from my Master Bedroom Balcony. The below shot shows the space needle to the left in the horizon.  These photos are taken across Lake Washington...
Read this story about Joe Sixpack and the Subprime Crisis.  Then come back here and tell me who is to blame in that story. Was it Joe...who by the end of the story becomes "Joe Sixpack"?  Was it the Realtor?  Was it the Lender?  Was it the diappearance of the lenders who were supposed to do the r...
Well I guess it could be someone else, but not likely. I want you to take a minute and think about this from the standpoint of your children.  Are you sending mixed messages?  Are you expecting them to respect authority, and yet setting them up for failure? If you hate one of these candidates and...
You may not be in an area where they are choosing to film at present, but they may not find enough qualified people in CA and WA to fill a season.  So it's worth sending in an application even if they use you for a future season. Right now they are looking for people from Seattle who have done 1...
I have always hated gyms, but recently have started to really like my gym and currently prefer it to exercising at home.  I keep both options open.  In colder rainier climates, i tend to exercise at home more. You can see my "abdominizer" and step in that photo.  I also use Dance, Dance Revoluti...
I listed two "fixer" houses back in April.  The investors were no where to be found and the people looking for homes to live in said "too much work!" I am pleased to report that both of my fixers are in escrow with closing to be within the next 10 days.  Both were bought by people who live nearb...

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