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Two weeks ago I was singing the praises of an Air Canada employee for her great customer service. This week I have to thank yet another Air Canada lady for getting me out of a bind I created. That's right I made a mistake and it was a costly one. The long and the short of it is that I read 16:45 ...
I recently repaired a partially cloged washer fill line. it was a bit tight but with a bit of extra elbow grease it came apart. A total of 5 minutes allowed the homeowner to once again wash in cold water, AFTER 5 YEARS! I couldn't help but wonder how much extra it cost over those years to wash in...
On a recent flight across the country I experienced some great customer service and thought I would acknowledge it here. In my business I try to be as professional as possible and the great service I received from Laurie on an Air Canada flight reminded me of just how my clients might feel when t...
Every home has mold but not every home is a sick home. In fact mold spores are everywhere in our environment. Without mold life on this planet would not be possible. From my limited experience in this area I have discovered two extremes in terms of peoples reaction to mold. On the one hand I have...
I was recently inspecting a commercial building and noted a large section of shingles missing from the roof. It occurred to me that this damage likely happened during Mondays storm. From the ground I could not see any damage but when I walked on the roof (which I always endeavor to do) I quickly ...
Last night my area got hit real hard with a severe thunder storm. The power went off early and all the kids were out on the sofa staying close to mom and dad when the rumbling and light show got intense. At one point I had a small river flowing under my front door and some water had managed to pe...
We all like the looks of nice plants trees and vines on our properties. Well I often warn homeowners about the negative effects of these nice plants. Vines in particular can be a problem to the home. This week I came across an example of vines that had grown up under the soffit and across the att...
I recently inspected an acreage that is nicely set up for horses. Knowing how sketchy the water is in the area I convinced the buyer to have a flow test done on the 30" bored well. As it turned out the well is only producing about 1/2 gallon per minute. This quantity of water obviously has been s...
Lloydminster is built on a relatively flat area as most of the locals will know. Every month it seems that new subdivisions are being built, pushing the city outward constantly. Of course this new development takes a lot of planning in terms of infrastructure such as power, water and sewage needs...
This has been a very slow week for me, I am guessing that this is one of those slow weeks of the year due to vacationing. If only we could know when it would be slow. Does anyone out there know from statistical data which weeks are traditionally slow? I would try to schedule my vacation around th...

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