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From lifestyle to leadership and back to real estate. This blog will cover everything from the top restaurants to the best places to grab a slice of pizza and then all about the current financial market. It'll talk about the real estate market throughout Bucks and Montgomery County as well as what you can do to improve your property right now. Oh, and a little bit of personal stories that you can laugh at along the way.
Hartford, CT - Real Estate   As one of America's original cities, Hartford was founded in the early 1600's, and later established by Reverend Thomas Hooker in 1636.  As a feature stop on the Connecticut River, Hartford grew from what was once known as the "House of Hope" to be one of New England'...
Wednesday's bond market has opened in negative territory despite weaker than expected economic news. The stock markets are posting sizable gains with the Dow up 80 points and the Nasdaq up 22 points. The bond market is currently down 9/32, which should push this morning's mortgage rates higher by...
Tuesday's bond market has opened in positive territory following a much weaker than expected consumer confidence reading. The stock markets are posting moderate gains again with the Dow up 17 points and the Nasdaq up 5 points. The bond market is currently up 8/32, which will likely improve this m...
Down payment funding alternatives For many buyers, especially first-time buyers, saving up the funds for the down payment can be a seemingly insurmountable hurdle to home ownership. This doesn't have to be the case. As your mortgage broker, I can help you find creative ways to come up with your d...
I specialize in purchase business; that's what I'm good at and that's what I love to do.  The occasional refinance is great icing on the cake, but the refi's aren't attached to that emotion of buying your first home, your retirement home, your vacation home, or an investment property.It's taking ...
Ok, everyone, the seminar will be held on October 14th in Wallingford, CT.  The event starts at 2:00 and will probably last until 3:30 or so.  Realtors and their clients are more than welcome to attend: 1) Education is the key to referrals, and 2) it turns into a great networking activity after t...
So, for all of you that know me know that I have a 5 month old son that really doesn't like to sleep all too great throughout the night.  I have to say that last night was one of those ridiculous sleep schedules for him (Tyler).  That being said, I got about 3 hours of sleep and woke up on the wr...
I will be hosting a Home Buyer Seminar on Sunday, October 14th at 2:00 pm.  The location is:970 North Colony Rd in Wallingford, CT.Clients and Realtors are both welcome!  I will have both guest speakers and myself touch on the subjects of:Real Estate market today - difference between a buyer's ma...
On a day that Forbes came out with the 400 richest Americans, Bill Gates celebrates as number one yet again!  However, that celebration can't be carried over to Main Street or Wall Street.  Here are a few important articles that were published today:"Stocks Fall After Mixed Earnings""Bernanke: Fr...
Over the past few weeks, we have all seen the market go up and down like a roller coaster from the "deep south".  No stock was safe and no Real Estate or Mortgage Company was left unturned by what has been going on.  Now, we get the big news yesterday with regard to the Fed Funds rate cut.  With ...

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