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Santa Maria is a city in Santa Barbara County, on the Central Coast of California. Santa Maria's population  has grown tremendously over the last few years with Santa Maria's estimated population in November 2008 was 111,972 and has surpassed that of Santa Barbara. Along with the population growt...
A lot of the terminology used in the forecloure process can be confusing and daunting to the uninitiated. Hopefully in this section we can clarify some of the more common terms. REO stands for the term "Real Estate Owned".  This is a banking term used to describe real estate that a bank owns, ty...
If you have ever wondered why people live in the Morro Bay area then here is a little taste. In a resonse to my last blog it was suggested that I should post a few pictures of the area. Now I am not trying to hide this little piece of paradise away so here goes. I really don't think any words are...
Well what can I say, Morro Bay is simply a great place to live. Today the sun is out, temperatures hovering around 70 degrees and the beautiful sea air to breathe what could be better. Now the real estate market is another thing, but now that 2008 is behind us I have a really good feeling about 2...
Today's Real Estate Market may be bad for some but for those of you looking to buy a home then you have a wonderful opportunity to own a home or investment property at a price well below current market value. There is a lot of hype surrounding buying pre-foreclosure property, but to most this is ...
What is a foreclosure or foreclosedproperty. Well the first important point is that these properties are no longer owned by the resident home owner or borrower and are now owned typically by the lender who made the loan on the property. This has usually come about because the owner failed to keep...

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