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In this tough economy, increasing property taxes mean more people are in jeopardy of losing their homes. As many as 60 percent of properties across the country are overassessed, according to the National Taxpayers Union, a nonprofit group that promotes lower taxes. Property tax bills are arrivin...
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The prices on 19 percent of homes for sale as of March 1st have been reduced at least once, the lowest percentage in the last year, according to October and November, when the market was feeling the effect of the tax credit, 26 percent of sellers cut their asking prices.“Better pric...
  While age demographics are still a driving factor in the type of home your buyer is interested in, and three presenters at the International Builders’ Show Wednesday said there is a tie that binds – today, less is more. Saying goodbye to McMansions, Mary Dewalt of Mary Dewalt Design Group, Stev...
Ten Inexpensive Ways to Wow Buyers Now is the time for home owners contemplating a spring sale to spruce up their properties in anticipation of what Mike Larson of Weiss Research calls a potentially vibrant home-selling season. "If you have been beating your head against a wall, this is going to...
The 5 following questions may help you decide if now is the time to go ahead and purchase a home or refinance your current home. Q: Why are rates so low? A: Since early January, the Federal Reserve has been purchasing mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae...
A FSBO seller was ordering wall paper. The sales person asked, "Would you like 4 double rolls or 8 single rolls?" After thinking a while, the FSBO seller replied, "Better give me the 8 rolls, that way, if I have extra, I can do another room.
Possible FHA Changes Looming!     I do not often send "links" to articles, as I figure most of you will see or hear about it on your own.  However, this article deserves recognition, as it will probably impact future sales you might be working on.    Many reports have surfaced about FHA's financi...
A FSBO seller was trying to sleep, but the next door neighbor's dog was barking. This had been going on for months and was part of the reason the owner wanted to sell. Every night, the dog barked for hours, robbing them of sleep.   Finally, the FSBO seller says, "I've had enough. Our house is no...
A single FSBO seller read that "to make your home feel like a family lives there, leave a puzzle almost completed on a table." Before listing his house on, the seller purchased a puzzle. After 4 weeks, it was 90% complete - "Finally, and it only took 4 weeks! That box was way off!"     ...

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