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Real Estate Agent - Jim Maloof/Realtor
Believe it or not one of my favorite things to do while traveling is research other state's real estate markets. Yeah, on vacation, I sort of work. Most of you may do it without really thinking about it. Sometimes it's a collection of real estate magazines that I look over page by page. Sometimes...
A frind of mine in Florida (I'm in Illinois) called me the other day to tell me about something she stumbled upon in one of her networking group meetings. She is always looking for innovative sales and marketing ideas. She reluctantly went to one that she thought she would never be interested in,...
 Starting out in real estate can be a daunting adventure even for the most fearless new agent. Many get into real estate without a clue on how they are going to get started in the business. How do I make decisions on which office is best for me? What am I even looking for in an office? Why should...