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In a lot of ways, the basic tenets of short sale transactions have not changed. This includes the fact that your short sale will be done more quickly and efficiently if you are available to the lender in question to help resolve all questions and potential issues essentially before they arise. Ho...
As a short sale investor, you are probably simultaneously loving and hating the media right now. On one hand, more sellers are aware of and interested in doing short sales than ever before. They are certainly a more “accessible” subject than they have been in the past. On the other hand, more sel...
Every short sale investor has a specialty – that particular type of deal that they do better than any other. In many cases, the success of a deal can hinge on how familiar you are with the type of negotiations that go along with it. If you are just getting started in the short sale business, you ...
Short sales are going to be critical to the recovery of the housing market. With so many homes in foreclosure, banks and homeowners alike are relying on the short sale process to prevent the foreclosure tide from swamping the market and the lenders themselves. However, as short sales are increasi...

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