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Yet again an inaccurate article has been written about the mortgage brokers role in the mortgage meltdown. This time it's a man by the name of Ralph Roberts who wrote an article for realtytimes. com.It has to be one of the most offensive and innacurate articles about mortgage brokers I have read ...
With the amount of real estate videos making their way across the search engines and major video sharing sites it's a wonder why there aren't many sites dedicated to only sharing real estate videos.Although many real estate and for sale by owner sites are now providing video upload services to th...
There has been great buzz over the use of online video to promote the sale of real estate. You can go into the video section of the major search engines and literally find hundreds of real estate videos on any given day. Why is this method of marketing catching on with real estate agents as well ...
There are many benefits of working with a mortgage broker, whether you're looking to purchase a home or refinance your existing mortgage. Many incorrectly think that the only benefit of working with a mortgage broker is that the mortgage broker will be able to shop for their loan with various len...
Mortgage brokers are compensated in one of three ways. A mortgage broker can be compensated by the lender in the form of yield spread premium, by the borrower or a combination of compensation from the lender and compensation from the borrower. In this article I will discuss each way a mortgage br...
Consumers will soon have Congressman Barney Frank to thank for higher cost loans should HR3915 pass. HR3915 is an anti predatory lending bill that if passed, will make the payment of yield spread premium to mortgage brokers illegal. As a mortgage broker, I often write loans for clients where they...

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The purpose of this blog is to educate and disupute some common misconceptions relating to the wonderful world of mortgage finance. Of course, I will ocassionally utilize the blog to vent some frustrations as well.