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Copyright infringement risk management for Architechts   Click the picture above to watch our software compliance video. Autodesk Licensing Audit Tips by Attorney Steve If you are a real estate architect this blog is for you.  There are a lot of small archtecture firms that use Autodesk Software....
Click on the picture above to jump to our Real Estate Video Case Brief on the Dromy case. Introduction What do you do when you have a residential property owner that wants to sell their property, but has one problem - a tenant who wants their privacy and to have quiet use and enjoyment of their ...
    Overview of Arizona Registrar of Contractors (“ROC”) complaint process.  This article is written by Steve Vondran, civil litigation attorney handling cases in Arizona and California. The law is constantly changing and this article may not be accurate and should not be relied on.  Contact our...
By now, most people know domain name extensions are moving beyond .com, .org, .net. But are you familiar with all the new domain name extensions that are hitting the domain marketplace?  Can you name them all right now?  Are there any quality domains that you can snap up that will be a nice comp...
  Federal do not call list overview by Attorney Steve, the Real Estate Lawyer. I had a California real estate broker ask me several months ago if he was okay just calling expired listings, or if there was a DO NOT CALL list violation for something like that.  Rather than bore you with a big long ...
  Top 5 Intellectual Property & Social Media Tips for the Real Estate Blogger We live in a litigious society, especially in California where I practice business and real estate law.  It seems companies and individuals will get upset about the smallest of things, including you writing a blog post ...
Attorney Steve's top five tips to avoid a real estate audit by the BRE This article is a general legal overview of a few tips I have encountered over the years to help real estate brokers protect themselves and avoid a BRE audit.  Basically, the BRE (Bureau of Real Estate) will respond to compla...
INSURANCE SUBROGATION IN PROPERTY DAMAGE CASES - REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE FROM ATTORNEY STEVE. The focus of this blog is insurance subrogation. Many real estate brokers are familiar with the concept that when you have water, fire, or flood damage to residential or commercial property, this can trig...
  Lots of times we are posting on this website talking about new broker laws, real estate litigation and arbitraton, tips to stay out of lawsuits and general real estate coaching.  Today, we are just saying THANKS for supporting Vondran Law and for helping us become a great real estate law firm a...
  How to cancel an exclusive listing contract in California   I recently had a question from a client who asked me "is it legal for me to cancel an exclusive listing contract?  My answer was, of course, yes you can cancel a contract (after all the seller is the boss) but I informed this person th...

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