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...the versatile Scarf and no it is not too early to start wearing one.  The Scarf can be worn many ways and can accessorize the plainest outfit.  One of my favorite outfits to wear a scarf with is jeans and a t-shirt.  My favorite Scarf for this season is from my Avon website, mark Bohemian Luxe...
I got this email this morning and found it quite hilarious and thought I would share this with everyone.  I hope you get as big of a kick out of this as I did... If you ever feel  just a tad bit stupid...                                                                              (On September 1...
Then you don't have too and you don't have to get in to a tanning bed either!  All you need is Avon'sSKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Continuous Mist Airbrush Spray for Fair Skin Tones or SKIN SO SOFT Satin Glow Continuous Mist Airbrush Spray for Medium Skin Tones.  SUPER easy to use and drys quickly. Wit...
...To start your Holiday shopping!  I know you are thinking Christmas is 3 months away, but I feel that is going to be here so FAST.  So instead of waiting 3 months to do your shopping and having to deal with the heavily populated malls and crowded interstates, how about starting it NOW and doing...
Now that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is approaching, it is time to start healing and hydrating your skin & hair from the summer sun.  I'm sure your wondering "How do I do that?", with PLANET SPA African Shea Butter products by Avon, of course. Shea Butter is known as a great source of vit...
Forget a New Years Resolution, I am starting my September Resolution TODAY!  What is that, you ask?  To exercise MORE!  I work in Virginia Beach at the Ocean Front and I used to walk very religiously on my lunch break on the Boardwalk.  "USED TO" being the key phrase in that sentence.  It started...
With Hurricane season at its peak, I thought it would be great to give some simple tips to be prepared in case the worst should happen... 1. HAVE A PLAN!! Sit down with your family and discuss what to do in case of emergency!  Talk about where you will go in case an evacuation is placed.  2. FOOD...
MistakeProof Mascara!!! most of us ladies wear mascara on a regular basis, right?  How many of you will get mascara on your eye lid or under your eye when applying mascara?  I sure do!! you can erase your mistakes with this mascara. If you hit the top of your eye lid while ap...
Here are this weeks Avon products!  These are some of my favorite products that I use all the time!  1. mark. Winkstink. Colors are Glitzy, the gold one, and Coy, the purple one!  I love both the colors.  They are separate, but are hooked together by the mark. hook up.    2. Jilliam Dempsy (yes, ...
Shop my Avon website and receive FREE SHIPPING on ANY ORDER!!  *NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED* Simply type in the coupon code FSANY when checking out and your shipping fee will be waived! Not sure if Avon has what you're looking for or is right for you?  Answer these que...

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