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There are at least 10 emails daily, and that does not include all the blogs out there or the facebook & linkedin connection requests I get from so called "Social Media Experts".  I do acknowldege that this area has exploded in the past few years.  The biggest dilemma is how do you figure out who ...
This is no joke.  This will be a newbie experience for me - doing an open house at 6 am this Weds morning when most people are sleeping or eating breakfast.  Sounds crazy? One of my responsibilities as a REO listing agent is to hold open houses for the listings that have not sold and go to auctio...
Yeah I am doing an open house today (Saturday) due to a commitment for a listing I have that is going to auction.  I have not had anyone view the home yet however I have only been here for an hour.  I did bring my netbook computer with built in wireless card so I could get a lot done today.  My f...
I just found out that on July 21 it will be National Junk Food Day.  I was actually quite surprised since I thought that day is unceremoniously celebrated daily.  Who invents days like that? If I was still a kid, then I would most definitely celebrate National Junk Food Day since my parents did n...
Wow, I am amazed at all the beautiful homes on good lots that are for sale in the metro Phoenix area.  There is such a selection to choose from and the prices will not take you back at all.  I can't remember a time when there were so many homes on the market like there are now. Buyers are out the...
We are in the midst of our hot summer here in the Valley of the Sun - the Phoenix metro area.  Those of us who grew up here know what to expect in July and even through October.  You adjust to the temperatures at the different times of the days and months. I do not mind showing homes in the summe...
There is another round of negative news circulating again about how bad things are in housing, jobs, etc...This is nothing new this year or even for last year as less than positive news sells more and gets more attention.  For those reasons alone, I rarely read newspapers or watch tv news. I did ...

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