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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED



Home builders are professional marketers and, as such, are the most important “class” of sellers you must watch in your local market.  Home builders have a lower costs, answer to a higher authority, and are more sensitive to inventories than Mr.& Mrs. Jones of Perkasie, PA.  Let me explain what t...
"Before you begin to look for your good investment, have a good understanding of your goals, timeframe, risk tolerance, and expertise. These three aspects make up the first step to finding a good investment.""Good investment properties require looking at a property and seeing something different ...
Mortgage origination is a contact sport. It’s retailing. It’s selling. Too many of us can get caught up in the irrelevant tasks that top producing originators simply refuse to do. Why do we fall into the task trap rather than be focused on dollar productive activities? We do it because it makes u...
I get off on maneuvering within the pre-defined rules to "beat the system"; I think that is why I'm a good loan originator.  It should be no surprise to you that I'm "maneuvering" within Localism.  I'm no photographer but I have a kick-ass cell phone, now.  I took some really cool pictures of "Sh...
I had so much fun interviewing Broker Bryant last week that I decided to take a stab at my old nemesis turned industry ally, Jeff Corbett.This interview on Bloodhound Blog was bit longer but is chock full of good information.Questions include:Do you think the mortgage crew on Active Rain was defe...
I interviewed Bryant Tutas, aka Broker Bryant, over on Bloodhound Blog today.Some of the questions I asked him were:Bryant, you were involved in commentary with Candybags, on Bloodhound Blog, some time back and followed up with a post asking “So, What Do You Do To Justify Your Commission?“. How d...
Here are some of the top stories from BloodHound Blog (links open in a new window): Technorati claims that Bloodhound Blog has "a lot of authority":A lot of work, a lot of posts, a lot of linking, a lot of links back: A lot of authority . . .Greg Swann posts his article from the Arizona Republic ...
Here's a review of some of the leading articles at Bloodhound Blog:Dual Agency Smack Down by Greg Swann A review of a book published by the Arizona Association of Realtors about dual agency laws in Arizona.  A must read for Arizona Realtors and a maybe read for others. Metro Brokers’ new map site...
A light rain couldn't spoil the excitement and enthusiasm I felt this morning as I drove into the heart of the City of Phoenix. Papa Joe Brady, my able seminar assistant, retired sales executive for First American Real Estate Solutions, and proud Luddite negotiated the streets of the boom town as...

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