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Scott Cowan is taking the lead on this event.Some of my favorite bloggers blog at Bloodhound Blog. Greg Swann and Brian Brady have agreed to come up to Seattle (I'm guessing to stop me from begging them so much) to deliver a FREE seminar. I am heading up the attendance for the event.   This will ...
Two excerpts from the "right" way to originate loans today: David Bartels impressed me with his definition of our job as a “borrower’s advocate”.  He suggested that we would do well to align ourselves squarely with the borrowers.  While he never suggested that our lender partners are the enemies,...
Jason Blackburn of Laser Focus For Life was our guest on Radio Mortgage last week.  I “met” Jason on Facebook two months ago, when preparing for the “Power Of Twelve” seminar.  Jason wrote a referral script for my seminar and asked nothing in return.  That connection led to a number of telephone ...
The US Treasury Department has been supporting the mortgage bonds market, in order to keep mortgage rates under 5%.  I cited two reasons why sub-5% rates might not happen: 1- Capacity: Lenders don’t have the horses to ride since they laid off so many workers in 2008. 2- Greed:  Lenders typically...
RE BarCamp Seattle has a time and a date.  From Todd Carpenter: Rich Jacobson and Brad Andersohn from Active Rain, along with Drew Meyers from Zillow have established the basics. A date and venue. February 13 at Zillow Headquarters.  This happens to follow a Bloodhound Unchained preview event hel...
Mortgage rates are 4.75%…No, wait a minute.  They shot back up ! Welcome to January, 2009.  It looks to be a rocky ride through Inauguration Day.  After that, all bets are off.  Here’s the good news, though; mortgage rates, while just over 5% this afternoon (up from 4.75% this morning) are still ...
For those of you who are new to blogging on Active Rain, MeMe's are our little "Getting to Know You" ritual.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  And here's another: Anthony Clark tagged me for this MeMe.  And my targeted list of seven will follow.  Here are all of the ground rules that need to ...
I received a question from a REALTOR today, who read: A Realtor's Guide to "PMI & Short Sales" Let's call her Susan.  She explains: I have done several successful short sales in my career but recently felt the "sting" of the bank claiming they will submit our current offer on the table for approv...

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