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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED
Would you invest $12.12 for an extra $12,000/month next year? If you think about it, that's only one extra, median-priced real estate transaction, in Southern California.  What's keeping you from closing one extra transaction, each month, in 2009?  You need the right ideas and a plan to execute t...
I love Fred Thompson. He never really had a shot at the Presidency but he's been one of my favorite politicians. 1- If you want to get bailed out, you must screw up on a monumental proportion. 2- Let's spend our way out of this economic downturn even though overspending is how we arrived here. 3...
If you’re a regular reader of my mortgage rates report, you’ll notice that I adopted a locking posture, late last month, for the rest of the year: If the Fed’s thinking of cutting rates further, why aren’t mortgage rates going down? I think it’s because the Fed has done all it can do.  Future rat...
Close to 78% of the listed homes, in Southern California, fall under the VA loan limit. The 2009 loan limits, for the California counties are well over the original $144,000 of a few years ago.  In fact, the VA loan limit is over $1,000,000 for some San Francisco metro counties and close to $730,...
I could use some help from the Active Rain community.  I"m looking for twelve ways to find buyers for 2009.  Obviously, I'll take more but I'm giving a presentation about 12 sure-fire, low cost ways to find buyers in 2009. Some ideas I've heard include: 1- Systemetized process for requesting refe...
I'll be presenting on a panel, on December 4, on HomeGain Radio.  My 10-15 minutes will be about how to sell real estate, as an investment, against other asset classes like stocks, bonds or insurance.  Louis Cammarosano of Home Gain promoted the "Ask The Experts Call, here on Active Rain.  What a...
From Louis Cammarosano's post about my presnetation next week  Brian Brady believes you can! He argues that with the stock market in disarray, real estate prices attractive and low interest rates that you have a great opportunity to take some weath management clients from stock based financial pl...
The economy is really sick: Today's CPI report signals deflation, or a prolonged price slide, may become another hazard facing Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and President-elect Barack Obama. Deflation could worsen the economic downturn by making debts harder to pay off and countering ...
Have you ever wondered hoew to set up "an outside blog" on a Wordpress platform?  Greg Swann makes it really easy with a free wordpress blog (hosted on a really strong platform): Say hello to, free WordPress Multi-user weblogs for real estate professionals. We talked about doin...

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