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America's #1 Mortgage Broker, Brian Brady. You'll never wonder where he stands when you read Brian Brady. He's not always right but he's always...OPINIONATED
I had the good fortune of closing another VA home loan for a Navy family this month.  I was stoked to read that our team delivered a superb experience for them over on a Redfin Forum: I am just going to do a cut and paste from another thread but I figured there is alot of good info I just learne...
Sean Purcell and I recorded a 15 minute episode this afternoon about what the stock market crash means for working REALTORs.  We may come across as a couple of polyannas but we think the stock market might get some respite from…Columbus Day. We talk about the great opportunities for investors and...
It’s fall in San Diego, right? Here we go again: More than 1000 acres of land on Camp Pendleton goes up in flames, after a wildfire breaks out on the base Wednesday. If you want to follow the action, check out this Twitter feed and this blog.  Social media are the 21 century version of the ham ra...
The FHA Hope for Homeowners loan program was released this month. The stated goal of the plan is to help homeowners, who are paying mortgages that are significantly more expensive than when they bought the home (due to rate adjustments), get a home loan they can afford. Key components of the FHA ...
The bailout bill passed the House after a decisive victory in the Senate; it is certain to be signed into law by President Bush.  From These steps represent decisive action to ease the credit crunch that is now threatening our economy,” President George W. Bush said at the White Ho...
From Bloodhound Blog: We interviewed Matt Padilla, author of Chain of Blame- How Wall Street Caused the Mortgage and Credit Crisis.  This book, released in May, 2008, details a history of non-prime lending, the S&L crisis, securitization of mortgages, and what went wrong. Download and Listen to t...
09/22/2008 proclaims Linda Davis as the "smartest REALTOR in CT"
Hold off on that rate lock.  The government is here to help. I initially thought this massive government purchase of defaulted mortgage proposal would lead to higher mortgage rates, but quickly reversed course.  Here's me today, on Zillow Mortgage Blog: This action is an obvious attempt to stabi...
Have you been listening to, or participating in Radio Mortgage ?  Each Monday afternoon, at 4PM, we invite California REALTORs to listen to and participate in our 40-60 minute "radio broadcast".  Of course, we welcome ALL REALTORs but the show is focused on helping California REALTORs thrive in t...

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