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Blogging about anything can be a little scarey because of the vast amount of blogger's out there that have their own opinions, thoughts and ideas about what is happening in their corner of the world, myself included. There are government programs out there that are 'designed' to assist the homeow...
One of the biggest challenges with homeowners and the selling their homes via short sales is the conversation we hvae to have about their financial packet. Why, they ask, do you or the bank need to see my bank statements, taxes and monthly expenses? To their defense, they are right to ask...I mea...
What amazing insite into our profession! It's funny that the post you read, about the gal who had issues with her 'selling abilities' because I've often thought about my job as an Agent and never really understood why we were calls Sales agents; I mean, I suppose I could understand a Sales Agent ...
I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of Loan Modifications and I'm hoping that if this program is a true refinance program and not a Loan Modification, that it actually works. I realize the information for this program is rolling out and not available until November 15th, but I still have my concer...
My 7th Grade teacher, Mr Bannister, used to say that to us ALL the time...and most of the time, because I lived in Upper Michigan, the sun wasn't shining and the birds were not only not singing, but they weren't there because it was SO cold! However, if Mr Bannister had lived here, in Arizona, he...
Open House today....are we running out of houses in the Valley? Seems like it, I must say! I had several people come into the home I was holding open today and every one of them commented on the limited amount of options that were available to them; now, many of them were looking for something sp...
It's that time of year and our Chandler Whole Foods is getting into the spirit by asking everyone to come by tomorrow, October 8th between 12-2 for National Costume Swap Day! Whole Foods in Chandler is asking for everyone to bring their kid and adult costumes...who knows, you may end up with the ...
I received my login for the ClubNet area! I was so excited because I got to play 'behind the scenes' and explore all that Buffini has to offer, and it's a lot! Buffini has .pdf downloads, scripts, ideas, conference call downloads (I'm listening to one right now as i'm writing this) and much more!...
My name is Heidi Tourangeau and I am an Certified EcoBroker® REALTOR® for Keller Williams Realty Sonoran Living. Today I signed up for Buffini's Lead Generation Kit and am very excited to get started...wish it were on my front door now! I've been going back and forth for over a year about whether...

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