BUILDER AND BANK WERE FINED FOR VIOLATION OF RESPA Builder was fined for receiving Kickbacks for referring mortgage origination      In today’s market, new build homes market are hot, are in demands and in many areas, e.g., North Texas, there are shortages of new build homes. Many Builders have r...
Loan Denial because not having friends NO FRIENDS NO LOAN IS THAT LEGAL? I had a client, non-U.S. born but U.S. citizen, who had moved from California to Dallas area from his job. He had great income, professional management position and great credit score. He got qualified and purchased his drea...
  Finally I said that is enough, no more Wow! What a relief. Finally after more than 1 ½ years working with one of my client, I told her you cannot find the property with your requirement in your designated locations with that low price and any more search is wasting your time and my time. Theref...
Closing an existing charge card can hurt your credit score   What is a Credit Score? A Credit Score is a number which is calculated, utilizing some sophisticated statistical algorithms, based on your recent (e.g., last two years or so) payment history, history of managing your credits and behavio...
What is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and who can benefit from it?   Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) 1-Year ARM, Caps of 2/6? An Adjustable Rate Mortgage is a mortgage loan in which ·         The interest rate adjusts periodically according to a predetermined index and margin. ·         The a...
  How to Establish or Re-Establish Your Credit   In today’s tough economic times, where every person is being evaluated by a number (Credit Score), having a good Credit is an essential to enjoy an appropriate standard of living. You need to have a good credit just to rent an apartment, rent a car...

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