Who Selects the Title Company? Buyer Or Seller This is the part#6 of a series of documents regarding Title Insurance.The real answer is none of the clients. Almost all the time sellers and buyers don’t know and don’t care about who the title company should be. As we stated before, at least in st...
What is the Difference between Title Insurance and Property Insurance?This is the part#5 of a series of documents regarding Title Insurance.Cost Structure and Frequency of Payments:Title insurance theory is different from most other insurance where, for example, rates and anticipated losses are b...
WHAT ARE THE SCHEDULES A, B, C and D ON A TITLE COMMITMENT?This is the part#4 of a series of documents regarding Title Insurance.Schedule A·Describes the amount of title insurance coverage to be issued in the policy.·Describes how the title is vested on the effective date.·Contains the legal desc...
What Does Title Search Cover and How the Title Search is Performed?This is the part#3 of a series of documents regarding Title Insurance.Deeds establish chain-of-title, but sometimes those chains are broken. In addition, title searchers also look for reconveyances (proof that the encumbrances are...
 W hat are TITLE INSURANCE Owner’s and Lender’s POLICIES? What are Homeowner and Lender Title Insurance Policies? HOMEOWNER'S POLICY This policy insures the interest of the homeowner. The owner's title policy protects the homeowner and his/her heirs for as long as they have an interest in the pro...
What is a Title Insurance and Why is it needed?  Title InsuranceTitle insurance policy is one of the required key elements in any real estate transaction. I have gathered a lot of information about this and publishing them as series of articles (blogs), due to size, to answer basic questions such...
A Real Estate Company Policy Prevented seller to counter-offer and We Lost the Deal. I represent the buyers. I sent an offer via email to the seller’s agent. Buyers requested to get responses back from sellers by next day 6:00 PM. 6:00 PM arrived and past, but no responses received from seller. I...
What Buyers Want vs. What Buyers Finally Buy     Many buyers think they know it all, they want features A, B, C and D in their new home as absolute requirements, otherwise they don’t buy. But, after wasting many months they end up buying (or still looking) a home that has none of those must featu...
Can a Separate-Property Owner sell his house without his wife’s signature in a Community-Property State?   Texas is a community-property state. Many times, one spouse will own the home before marriage as his or her separate property. After marriage, if the parties live in the home together, then ...
  Property Management: Can a Landlord disconnect Electric service for nonpayment of an electric bill?                                                                                                    The correct answer to this question, and any other legal question similar to this question, is “...

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