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Picture This:   A happy, smiling couple - the closing table at long last, you with their promises of numerous referrals still   ringing in your ears as they tell you how they couldn't have done it without you!   You're wonderful! You stop by to give them a great housewarming gift. You're the best...
I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd mention that I usually (like so many people) put together some resolutions for the coming year during this interim time of reflection between Christmas and  New Years. But, I recently watched a motivational speaker who challenged me to do things a litt...
With Winter here and icy, wet roads everywhere we’re driving, (and it seems like we’re ALWAYS driving somewhere, right)? I wanted to pass on something I read recently, so you all can arrive where you're going more safely: NEVER DRIVE IN THE RAIN WITH YOUR CRUISE CONTROL ON!!! A highway patrolman ...
Here's an audio from a Realtor who has been using SendOutCards to follow up with her clients very successfully. Listen To The Audio Now To test drive the system she refers to, click here for a 5 minute video walkthrough to send a real card to someone (just do what the little man says and don't c...
Sing along with me....(to the tune of These Are My Favorite Things)   Long nights of staring at piles of cards laying Brain strain from wondering what to be saying Cartridges empying at a fast clip..... These are some things that you won't really miss   Scrawling your signature at a hard table St...
My hubby Kevin Corsa, just started a new group called Facebook Bloggers. (his other groups are: The Tuesday Trip and Home Inspector's Corner) Here's the link to the new one: The Join button is at the bottom left. This should be a lively group with lot...
My mother, a widow with 4 kids and a full time job, used to "go out for a ride" on a weekly basis at night after we got old enough to look after the younger ones. As kids, we thought this was really weird. Was she meeting someone? No. As an adult, I finally got up the courage to ask her what she ...
I am so very pleased to announce that SendOutCards has made the Top Ten Websites list in this month's Inc. 500 magazine. They also ranked #158 out of the top 500 companies! If you have not seen this totally web based system for sending out greeting cards, gifts and gift cards in the mail without ...
I recently stumble-bumbled my way into a very helpful website called I was surfing the free software downloads at (another great place), and saw a link to Butterscotch. Now, being that butterscotch pudding was always my favorite as a kid, I decided to see what it was....
Ok, so you're probably tired of hearing about it by now, but I think there is an important issue to be addressed here. With the major weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth going on all over the world for this music icon, we seem to be missing a big piece of the puzzle regarding human beings in...

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