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  One sultry summer night, it was warm enough for an open window with a fan, but not so warm for use of air conditioning. I laid there enjoying the sound  of the crickets and was just about to drifting off to sleep, when a very unpleasant smell wafted in thru my windows and jolted me fully awake....
Why is it that some homeowners say they want their home sold, but then go out of their way to work against you? At first you haggle over the listing price and say, let's try this price for awhile. Since the price is not horribly off, you agree, well we will see and after a month is up, we will ne...
Here is an article we all need to read, our health is an important aspect of our job: Watch Your Waistline -- 5 Tips for Eating Out This Father's Day - By Sean Barker, CPT Think twice about heading to the "all you can eat" buffet this Father's Day as you may be putting your waistline at risk!Foll...
It amazes me how many people buying homes know "someone in the business"  or family members who know a little about everything, who they drag along to see a house with them. These are people who think they know everything about buying selling and or conditions of homes. in most cases it only make...
I know when we list a home a sign is expected, but some homeowners do not want them. Many times the reason is that they do not want the neighbors to know ( gee the Open house did not give them a clue, or the parade of realtors comings and going was not another gve away?) But one homeowner gave me...
We Will Show You What You Need To Know Even Though You Didn't Know You Needed To Know!! First Time Home Buyer? Selling or Buying? Refinancing? A Free Seminar From a Few of the Experts in The Real Estate Industry. Join Us Monday Oct 27   7 P.M. Century 21 American Homes 1897 Wantagh Avenue, Wanta...
   I am sure everyone has dealt with one. It starts out nice enough, you take them out and then it slowly goes downhill as they bring along others for advice, like Moms & Dads and so on. And of course they all have their opinions on what is perfect. So one after one lovely houses are rejected for...
Well now we have a new thing to caution our buyer's about, Radon in their countertops. New studies show that granite countertops may contain varying amounts of radon. And we know whow the first question we are asked is, are the countertops granite?  But the data shows they may emit worrisome leve...
Wherever I give out my ECO bags for my GO green campaign I get great responses!  On my run yesterday I ran out of bags to disrubute as I only carried so many with me. I will know better for next time. There are more and more people out there  that want to GO GREEN!
We have started a GO GREEN promotion and we are starting off by giving out seedling packages. Then we have recycled grocery totes for customers to use instead of paper or plastic bags. We can send them to you direct if you contact us.   We have also started a GO GREEN page on our website: Http://...

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