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This past weekend officially marked the end of summer.  With most of us turning our minds from cookouts and fun-in-the-sun activities to back-to-school, fall gardening and football, I have been contemplating the fact that as we return to our offices, the push is on for the final quarter of the ye...
Are you old enough to remember the old TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies” and the line from their theme song…”There’s gold in them there hills!”?  Well, I don’t know about gold being in the hills but there may be gold right in your very own pipeline!  Have you met a client in the past that was rea...
You have done the hard part in the house buying process and chosen a lender and a real estate agent to work with.  You have also gone out and found the home of your dreams!  Best of all, your team has done a great job of negotiating the best deal for you.   Now, as a buyer, all you have to do is ...

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