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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Corinne Guest, REALTOR® | Barrington Realty Company - License: 471.000044
Corinne's has been serving buyers and sellers in Barrington Illinois as the Managing Broker of Barrington Realty Company for over 15 years. Corinne is now studying for her Wyoming Responsible Brokers license and is traveling to Cheyenne WY in March to take her exams and then take the license exam. She will then become a consultant Broker in Wyoming specializing in ranches, land and luxury properties until she opens her brokerage there.
There's nothing worse than making a decision to buy a property and having it disappear in a poof of smoke right in front of your eyes!   But did you know that offers can be made after a property goes under contract? Did you know that if you make an offer to a seller under contract, that your offe...
Sold by Corinne Guest - 30 Riderwood Rd, Wynstone. When my buyers started out the process of buying this Wynstone North Barrington home I am sure they never expected to have the patience of a saint to get it to closing. Neither frankly did I! Together we started the process on August 4th 2015 and...
Those of you that have been around Active Rain for some years may remember Simon Conway. I certainly do, after all he is British. I think he became a US citizen. I once chatted with him about seller lead generation, the guy was passionate about whatever he did.A few years passed by and I had not ...
Buyer leads, seller leads, CRM systems, SEO, training programs for everything possible senario exist in the real estate plain and game.You want more business, maybe you want to move in a different direction. Jumping into anything with both feet and expecting a magic solution to your problem is fo...
I love this post, it's how I like to do my business online but I also thought about lead capture forms and added my post about how to increase your web leads here:  There is a wealth of information available via the I...
As I read this excellent post by JENNA DIXON about leads: I was inspired to add a thought about website contact forms. The majority of web sites for real estate agents have a contact page. Your contact page can have a nu...
I am trying to slow down my client activity, because I am leaving for England soon, but surprisingly the phone keeps ringing for all sorts of real estate in Barrington. I am filling my time with information here on AR to help you.This year I have 4 new buyers and two new sellers. All are content ...
Harrods the iconic department store in Knightsbridge London. Last time I went with my husband; I cannot even remember, he had to remind me; we walked in and could not even afford a shopping bag. In 13 days I take flight home to England to see my Mum (AKA MOM). Yesterday was her birthday so we cha...
We all know that niche markets are where the low hanging fruit can be in real estate. First let me ask you a question:Is a neighborhood/town/village/city/subdivision a niche or is it a farm?Chances are the answers would be about 50/50. IMHO they are not a niche, they are a farm. That said I've be...
Barrington Drone Photographer  - The Right and Legal Way!I own a drone. It's the DJI Phantom 3 Pro. It has a stabilized Go-Pro 12 megapixel HD camera mounted on the underneath and I use a mini Ipad to see where I fly. Truth be told I have not yet flown it yet, my son has. The control is like a ga...

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